10 Reasons to switch HD to SSD on Mac

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A few years ago, SSD has become more and more prominent among users of Apple computers, especially because anyone who messes with photo and video editing needs speed and stability when it comes to working. This was never something that normal HDDs were able to offer, even more so because they were so fragile. With SSD technology advancing and becoming more common, their prices have also become more viable and this has become a great option to use in different Mac models. If you still want to know the benefits, just check out our list below with the top 10 Reasons to Swap the HDD for the SSD on the Mac!

Reasons to switch HD to SSD on Mac


1. Speed

The most appealing aspect of using an SSD on the Mac is that it is much faster than an ordinary HDD. During the same situations, it is possible to have a performance 100 times faster with an SSD in relation to an HDD, either when turning on the Mac or using its software.

If agility of the computer is something that will make your job easier, there is no doubt that switching to an SSD will help you a lot, even more so if you edit photos and videos in heavier programs.


2. No overheating

The HDD consists of a spinning disk whenever it is in use, which explains the noise it is constantly making. This whole movement is also the reason for the piece to get very hot with intense use, something definitely worrisome in the long run.

On the SSD, there are no moving parts and that means you never have to worry about overheating. Of course, it will still emit some heat, but nothing sufficient to cause internal damage.


3. Resistance

Another extremely important aspect of SSD is that it is much tougher than HDD. This is mainly because the HDD has mechanical parts that can collide with each other and scratch the disk where all the information is stored.

As the SSD is more solid and without separate parts, it may even suffer some drops or collisions that will still continue to function and will not lose the stored data. Of course, you still have to take care of the world with your SSD, after all, nor does it last forever.


4. Flexibility

Another good thing about SSD is how flexible it is in its use since you can install it in place of the HDD inside the Mac or simply use it as a giant flash drive when you need extra storage.


5. Great for games

We know that the Mac does not have as many gaming options as Windows, but there’s still a good variety of games you can tap into. If you have an SSD to track, you still have the advantage of games running even faster than ever, which can be an advantage in online games, for example.

The good thing is overall, the whole game performance will be improved and you’ll notice considerably lesser load times than normal.


6. Longevity

As we mentioned, the HDD is a fully mechanical part that can break with any minimal collision. That sucks in the long run and kinda makes you have to buy other models after a few years.

With the SSD, you will have a much better longevity and you will not have to worry if the piece will break anytime after just 2 or 3 years of use.


7. Silent

Since the SSD has no moving parts, it is also considerably quieter than the HDD, which keeps the disk spinning nonstop and making noise all the time. This makes it much more comfortable to use your Mac at night or when someone is trying to sleep in the same room.


8. Falling prices

What most drove people away from SSD is that it was very expensive when it was introduced to the market, but that has been changing for quite some time now. You currently have great pricing options depending on what you’re looking for and the difference between the SSD and the HDD is no longer as noticeable as before.


9. Various models

Part of what we’ve mentioned about falling prices is due to the fact that so many SSD models are on the market today. Companies like Samsung, Sandisk, and Kingston (just to cite very common examples) are producing more and more models of SSDs every year.

This helps the consumer to choose the model that most suits their needs, either by the size of the part, price or storage space.


10. No magnetism

The HDD needs magnetism to work, as that is how the data is written or read on the hard drive. The downside of this is that any stronger magnetic force (such as a powerful magnet) can erase all data from the HDD.

SSS does not need or depend on magnetism to work, so you never have to worry about such a problem and your data will always be safe.