100% Full Achievement Guide on College Kings 2 Game

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This guide will show you how to get all your achievements in College Kings 2: Act 1.

100% Full Achievement Guide on College Kings 2 Game

How to Obtain All Achievements

Achievement List

Agree to disagree

Be Chloe’s assistant to her campaign, meet up with Chris after choosing a plush wolf toy for the photoshoot, and disagree with Chris in pretty much everything, he’ll back down his support.

Bestie Boy

When Lauren mentions Lindsey asked for her help in the bake sale, let her help Lindsey but sabotage the sale.

Blue Cheese and Sambuca

At Aubrey’s parent’s second wedding, they accept the Sambuca shot from Naomi and the blue cheese from their uncle.

Childhood Memories

Buy the brown horse toy for Lauren’s birthday gift.

Clean it up

Being an Ape, when meeting up with Amber in her flat, tell her to stop doing drugs; when meeting with Samantha, tell her to seek actual help and stop drinking.

Counter Intelligence

You can complete Double agent before this.

While working for both Chloe and Linsey, choose the latter’s option to search through the room for money, and the former’s “Damage Lindsey’s reputation,” afterward, Lindsey will tell you she found out about Chloe’s plan.

Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dai

When prompted at the shelter with Autumn, tell her to keep calling the dog Blue and not change it.


Pick Chloe as your baby duty partner, and on a joint night, get frustrated, and she’ll deal with the baby throwing it out the window.

Double Agent

You can also complete Counter Intelligence after getting this

Agree to help Chloe with her campaign, then do the same with Lindsey.

Extra Extra

Apply to Elijah’s newspaper with Riley.

Grand Theft Chloe

Accept to help Lindsey’s campaign and choose to steal Chloe’s money while she goes to a concert, don’t waste time listening to Lindsey and Aubrey’s conversation and go to Chloe’s room, get the money from the purse and wardrobe and the book beneath the pillow (you can also check the right desk to see a pic that may be important later). To exit the house enter the bathroom, go downstairs, pick to go to the kitchen, and choose the window instead of the back door.

Horn Dog

When going to help Autumn at the dog shelter, stare at her ass while she’s putting up a banner instead of making a joke.

How Did You Know

When going to Amber’s apartment, buy the Twazzlers for her.


While supporting Lindsey’s campaign, choose the option to buy drinks and play games, pick the Nancy ♥♥♥ ID and make a scene at the store getting offended.

Just Curious About You

When Amber asks you to bring her charger to work, go to her flat and check on the photos on the right wall, her laptop on the sofa, the Twazzlers on the floor, and the unpaid bills on the table, then ask her about all of those after giving her the Twazzlers (she’ll get mad though, so not worth it in an Amber playthrough).

Just one more thing

Gather all the clues while searching for Nora and deduce she must be hiding in her dad’s cabin:

Ask Chris if Nora saw someone after arriving and if she could have gone to her dad. When talking to Penelope, ask about Nora’s post-history. Then go the Chick’s house and ask Chole if she saw her with someone and refer to a past clue, then chooses the dad’s cabin as the answer.

Mmmm Donut

As a Wolf, Imre will walk in on you eating donuts in your bedroom; when he leaves, eat one.

Must Resist Temptation

When doing Yoga at the park with Nora and Ms. Rose, stay focused all the way through.

Perfect Date

Choose to be Chloe’s assistant, so Lindsey gives you money for Autumn’s dog shelter and rejects Naomi’s advances during the wedding. While on a date with Aubrey, choose to pay for a cab and flower bouquet with her money (no need to tip the driver, afaik), reassure her she looks good, make a joke about yourself (not some egotistical remark), talk about her parents (not the chicks), when checking the clock talk about all the plenty time left, order the same drink as her since you don’t have a fake ID, let her choose her own dinner plate, compliment hers and your food, and pick dessert sharing half of it with her (don’t ask her to choose).


Side with Riley on movie night with Aubrey and her.

Say Chirp

While helping Lindsey with the campaign, choose the car photoshoot without her and take a pic of the bird on top of it when prompted.

Singing Praises

Need to have gone to Polly’s concert in Europe and gone backstage. Pick to help Lindsey’s campaign and choose to go to greet Polly as catering service, then say the food is a hotel gift (not a fan), so she helps Lindsey.


Be an FWB with Lauren, Amber, and Aubrey, a friend of Autumn, and Loyal to Penelope. For Penelope to be unlocked, she has to go to Europe, to the Polly concert, go backstage with her and reject Jenny’s lake invitation right before Penelope’s invitation to a date, and ignore the arguing couple.

The answer to everything

When at Ms. Rose’s class, when prompted to answer ’42’ to her question.

Too Much Information

While helping Chloe, choose the option to give free tuition to all Chicks and to meet up with Mr. Lee. Every time you get prompted to say something, check your notes.

What Goes Around

Be FWB with Riley and Aubrey, pick “had airplane s*x with Aubrey,” choose to go as a friend to the wedding, side with Aubrey on movie night, and accept Naomi’s advances at the wedding.

Wrath of Pen

Be Loyal to Penelope, help her get to Europe and attend Polly’s concert and go backstage, reject Jenny’s invitation, and right after invite Penelope to a date, but don’t distract her from the couple arguing at the restaurant.

Your Eyelids Are Heavy

As Lauren’s boyfriend, let yourself be hypnotized (don’t try to date Aubrey, as her date will stop you from meeting Lauren).