45 Funny Questions to Ask Cortana

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Funny Questions to Ask Cortana – Cortana was produced as a personal assistant, combining a few of the very best functions of Siri and Google Now. She can help you with various methods, like setting alarms and pointers, getting directions, making phone calls, ect., however, she also reveals some signs of a character. Cortana offers amusing replies to a lot of questions and voice commands. Here is a list of exactly what we’ve discovered up until now, thanks to online forum threads such as this one.

Funny Questions to Ask Cortana

About her

How old are you?
Exactly what are you?
Do you have a sis?
Exactly what’s your story?
Where do you live?
Can you cook?
What are you wearing?
Are you quite?
Are you sexy?
Are you quite?
Are you clever?

About you

Will you wed me?
May I kiss you?
Who’s your manager?
What’s the very best phone?
What’s the very best os?
Exactly what’s your preferred music?
What’s your favorite song?
Exactly what’s the very best tablet/ phone?
What’s the best computer system?
What’s the very best search engine?
Who’s better, you or Siri?
Exactly what’s much better, Google or Bing?
Which is much better Cortana or Siri?
Is Lumia the very best smartphone?

About Buddies/Friends

Exactly what do you think of …/ Do you like …
– Microsoft Workplace, Google, Siri, Apple, Google Now, Google. Xbox, … Satya Nadella, Costs Gates, Steve Ballmer
Do you understand Siri?

General questions

What’s the response to deep space?
Why Cortana?

Halo concerns

Tell me about anything to do with Halo
Are you in Halo 5?
Are you Cortana from Halo?
Do you love Master Chief?
What is rampancy?
Which Halo video game do you like the most?

Offensive questions/ commands

You are awful.
You’re weird
Do an impression
Do an impersonation
Excellent Early morning.
Good night.
Hello, HAL.
May the Force be with you.
You’re hot.