5 TVs with Real 120 Hz to buy in 2021

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For action games or even movies, matches, and football and Formula 1 racing, TVs with true 120 Hz are the most suitable to guarantee clearer images. When the refresh rate is below that, 60 Hz, for example, moving images, such as racing cars or football players on the field, are slightly blurry.

This is because this frame rate (60 frames per second) is not sufficient to ensure the image is sharp. Thus, a 120 Hz screen (120 frames per second) is necessary so that it is possible to see all the details of a vehicle in motion, for example.

5 TVs with real 120 Hz to buy in 2021

So, a real 120 Hz TV makes all the difference in content with different elements moving quickly on the scene and you will have much less of the blur in moving images. Therefore, today we have selected 5 TV options with real 120 Hz for you to put on your Wish List

5 TVs with real 120 Hz

Samsung Q70T

5 TVs with real 120 Hz to buy in 2021

The Samsung Q70T is a smart TV with a 4K resolution and also has a frequency rate of 120 Hz. This model has very thin edges, in addition to having a visual without cables, which are hidden in channels at the rear of the panel. Quantum dot technology, on the other hand, ensures images with higher quality and more vivid colors, in addition to having Quantum HDR, a feature that reproduces the HDR10 and HLG, making the brightness and contrast of the images stronger.

It also has a Quantum 4K processor, which allows it to optimize images through artificial intelligence, and supports Alexa, as well as its own virtual assistant, Bixby.

LG SM9000

5 TVs with real 120 Hz to buy in 2021

The LG SM9000 is a TV with an IPS panel, 4K resolution, and 120 Hz refresh rate. This panel is part of the line of devices with NanoCell AI technology, exclusive to LG, which ensures sharper images, with a high level of brightness and colors more alive.

For those looking for a TV for games, the SM9000 also has an input lag of 15 milliseconds and HDMI 2.1 input, with Dolby Atmos audio. This TV has a webOS 4.5 platform and a Gallery Mode that allows you to reproduce some art, such as a favorite picture, as well as other images.


5 TVs with real 120 Hz to buy in 2021

The TCL P8M, like the LG C9, is a 2019 TV, but with a 4K resolution panel, Android TV operating system, and native 120 Hz refresh rate. In-Game Mode, its input lag is 15 milliseconds only. The weakness of this model is the sound. It comes with a dual speaker system of just 8 Watts RMS with Dolby Digital support.

The TCL P8M can be found in 50, 55, and 65 inches.

Sony X955G

5 TVs with real 120 Hz to buy in 2021

The Sony X955G is a smart TV with an LED panel, 4K resolution, and a native frequency rate of 120 Hz. This panel has an Android TV operating system and “Netflix mode”, which adjusts the image and sound according to the series or movie that you are going to watch on the streaming service.

The Sony X955G can be found at 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches. It features Full-Array LED technology to ensure more levels of contrast.


5 TVs with real 120 Hz to buy in 2021

The LG C9 is a TV with a 4K resolution and a native frequency rate of 120 Hz, with a WebOS 4.5 operating system and ThinQ AI artificial intelligence platform. In addition, this panel features OLED technology capable of reproducing real black, in addition to delivering infinite contrast. The ThinQ AI platform can also identify low-light environments to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen.

It also has 12.9 milliseconds input lag, an ideal rate for those who like more competitive video games, and HDMI 2.1 input. The LG C9 can be found in options ranging between 55, 65, and 77 inches.