8 Best Advantages of LiveChat in Your Ecommerce

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Best Advantages of LiveChat in Your Ecommerce – There are several solutions for online service on websites, with the most varied features. While some focus on serving the computer directly, others expand to enable service through mobile applications or respond to messages sent through their fan page on Facebook. LiveChat is one of these online chat services that you can insert into your website or e-commerce and we list the 8 best advantages of LiveChat for your e-commerce.


8 Best Advantages of LiveChat in Your Ecommerce

Advantages of LiveChat in Your Ecommerce

1. Reduced resolution time

As a more dynamic and immediate online service, an online chat system is one of the best ways to support customers and make new sales. That is, one of the main advantages of LiveChat is to be able to solve any problems in a short period, avoiding to spend days solving a single question.


2. Evaluation system

LiveChat allows visitors and customers to evaluate the performance of their customer service team. Through a system of notes, the client will be able to tell you how your online chat experience was. These notes are available to keep track of the quality of the conversations and investigate any problems your team may have.


3. Proactive invitation

It is not necessary to wait for a visitor to begin the contact to speak with him. The proactive invitation allows you to set rules so that the online chat itself sends an automatic message. For example, you can set a greeting to be sent when the visitor spends 10 seconds on your site.

A study published by the Forrester Institute – one of the largest in the area of business and technology research and consulting – revealed that the return on investment in an online reactive chat is an average of 15%. Chats that count on a proactive invitation, on the other hand, count with a return of 105%.


4. Guide your visitors through the shopping process

It is necessary that an e-commerce has a process, simple, easy and objective to buy so that it does not run the risk of losing customers. However, even the simplest configuration can become complex for a user. Among the advantages of LiveChat, it can be used so that the service team can guide a visitor through all stages of the process.


5. It also supports service tickets

Not all online chat tools allow you to respond to open tickets by email or messages sent when your team is offline. That is, through the application control panel, your attendants can also respond to emails without changing the window. This is one of the advantages of LiveChat that is a differential over most other services.


6. Performance reports

In addition to the possibility of the customer sending their feedback about the service, other metrics may be used to evaluate the service of their virtual store. LiveChat lets you analyze data such as the response time of the chat messages and the open tickets in the system. By combining the two data cited, it becomes easier to identify in which aspects your area of customer service can improve.


7. Simultaneous attendance

Through LiveChat, it is not necessary for your attendants to speak with only one visitor or client at a time, allowing for simultaneous calls. Obviously, that does not mean you should put a call agent to talk to ten people at a time, but even if it’s two people at a time, it still means more agility and shorter response times.


8. Mobile Applications

Although it can not be considered a great differential, LiveChat lets you continue to talk to visitors to your virtual store through a mobile device with iOS or Android. Just download the application and sign in with your account so you can respond to messages outside the computer.


What are the advantages of LiveChat that most appeal to you?

Even with a lot of services for online chat, LiveChat is one of those that stands out for its compatibility with tools for building virtual stores like Shopify, Drupal, and Magento.