Advantages of Using Software for Workers’ Time Control

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Current labor legislation requires the registration of workers’ working hours. And to keep this data for four years. Failure to comply with Royal Decree-Law 8/2019 carries significant financial penalties. Technological solutions facilitate these tasks for SMEs and large companies. One of the simplest and most efficient is to use an app for employees: time control software for workers

Advantages of using software for workers’ time control

Advantages of Using Software for Workers' Time Control

Simplicity and comfort

As these are automatic registrations, you do not have to spend extra time on them. This does not add to the other business management tasks. In addition, in this way you can save the files in an orderly way and make backup copies easily if you wish.

Efficient, without risk of errors

Manual records can include errors. Using hourly worker registration software eliminates that possibility. In this way, the reports will be complete and perfect.

Can be accessed from different devices

Keeps data in the cloud. So you can keep track of your workforce’s time record from work, from home, or as it suits you. On the device of your choice.

Not manipulable and truthful

Two characteristics that the legislation requires and that are feasible with the use of software for employee time control.


You do not have to buy complex devices and enable them in each work center or access area. You do not have to have an infrastructure, so it is valid for teleworking or for jobs that are carried out outside of specific facilities.

It also facilitates business productivity and saves you money in the human resources area.

How To Choose Worker Schedule Software

Choose software that contains features for full control of work hours

That is:

  • Allow signing at the beginning of the day and at the end of it.
  • That allows signing in the breaks to eat or rest.
  • Trained to record overtime.

Evaluate what forms of signing it supports

Keep in mind that the easier it is to sign in easily, the more useful it will be. Ideally, it should allow signing on PC, mobile, and web. This way you can also record the teleworkers’ working hours. And of employees who have to perform work tasks outside the workplace sporadically or regularly. It is also an advantage for flexible jobs in which the working day can be done in different sections.

Take into account its extras

Some programs for the time registration of working hours allow you to manage requests for permits, vacations, and leave. This is very convenient and allows you to more efficiently carry out scheduling, task allocation, and other management issues in the human resources area of ​​your business.

Within the software offering, Workmeter stands out within the working hour’s software due to its characteristics and its value for money.

Do not risk receiving fines and keep an efficient and truthful record of the working hours of your workers with good specific software.