Benchmark GCP (Google Cloud Platform‎) f1-micro

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Benchmark GCP (Google Cloud Platform‎) f1-micro – Google Cloud Platform often I meet recommended free VPS who want to create and be created WordPress hosting. Indeed there is nothing wrong, because that type of f1-micro (1 vCPU, 0.6 GB memory, 10 GB) is indeed in billing calculations will be free forever GCP. But made hosting site? If static is clearly capable, but dynamic such as WordPress which I myself do not know.


What do we get?

Look at this:

Benchmark GCP

Benchmark GCP 1

How performance? results:

Benchmark GCP 2

When you see if i/o bounded 37.5 MB/s, is indeed quite horribly, normally if the HDD storage standards around 90-100 MB/s. But reserved bandwidth no problem, very reasonable.

Continued with the UnixBench:

Benchmark GCP 3

Benchmark GCP 4

Actually I don’t think it will be as low as these, when accessed through SSH and its quite responsive. This is even lower than the Scaleway. ???? No GeekBench benchmark this time because the process always fails, so it could be is an indicator that the system is not capable of.



Okay, I finally try it website hosting for 2 weeks with minimal traffic, and a special f1-micro suggest should not be used for the main website.
I was originally intending product reviews Google Cloud Platform is the smallest, but seeing the end result of benchmark and ensure the use of standard (web server). Yes than data benchmark wasted I will share here. Location us-east1-b because only this location which is not paid for, unless we want to use the balance of the 300 trialnya USD a year. ????

This is not a verdict that GCP is bad, isn’t it. But a special micro-f1 which is the smallest package is free by Google, and certainly many who would like to know (including me) how his ability. If it were free I wouldn’t complain.