Best Build Melee Rogue in Exiled Kingdoms Game

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Compared to Warriors, melee-based Rogues cannot wear powerful 2-Handed weapons and/or hit multiple enemies simultaneously (Rogues cannot learn Cleave skill). On the other hand, Rogues are experts in dealing with extreme damage, making them lethal against bosses. If you wish to play melee, you should learn Assassinate, Evasion, and Flurry – these 3 skills are crucial for your build.

Best Weapons in Exiled Kingdoms Game

Rogues have a +20% chance to Perception, +20% to Disarm Devices, +10% to Gossip, and +1 bonus to melee damage at Level 1 and every four levels (1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, etc.)

Necessary Skills

  • Evasion 2: You can focus on defense, dodging incoming attacks for a few seconds.
  • Sneak Attack: When you flank an enemy in melee (attacking by surprise or behind), you will do extra damage and sometimes stun.
  • Stab: You prepare a single, deadly attack. After using this skill, you have a few seconds to launch a blow with extra damage.
  • Assassinate: After a successful Stab, the skill has a chance to cool down and be available again immediately.
  • Flurry: For a few seconds, your melee attack speed increases.
  • Massive Criticals: Your critical hits go beyond the usual 150% max damage, with a chance to insta-kill enemies two levels below yours (some are immune)
  • Precision Strikes: Your critical chance with melee weapons is increased.

Optional Skills for more Dmg

  • Poison Master: You are well versed in the dubious art of poisoning your weapons, and your familiarity makes you resistant to many of them

Optional Skills for more Survivability

  • Evasion 3: You can focus on defense, dodging more incoming attacks for a few seconds.
  • Stealth: The ability to move without being heard or seen, avoiding enemies or surprising them in combat. If you get close to enemies, they have a chance of spotting you.
  • Smoke Bomb: You can use Stealth even if enemies surround you. Useful to escape or to prepare a lethal backstab.
  • Sprint: An adrenaline rush will allow you to move extremely fast for a few seconds. It doesn’t affect combat, just movement (useful for exploring).

Traits distribution reference (around 80 trait points)

  • Strength: 6
  • Endurance: 3
  • Agility: 9
  • Intellect: 2
  • Awareness: 2
  • Personality: 1

Main companion

  • Shielded Grissenda: You need her to the tank so that you can backstab enemies (Shield + Armor + huge HP).
  • Healer Hirge: You need her for healing in your adventure (Skill: Heal Wounds, Intervention, and other Passive skills. don’t use an active skill except Heal).

Pros and Cons

  • Highest single-target output in the game.
  • Best build vs. bosses.
  • Weak against the crowd.