Best Thermal Paste for CPU

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One of the great evolutionary leaps of humanity occurred when we managed to dominate the fire. This allowed us to cook, protect ourselves from wild animals, keep us warm, and have lighting at night. Our concern now, as inhabitants of the technological age, is to control the heat in electronic equipment. One of the components that most help in this task is the thermal paste.

Certain components of our computers, such as the CPU, emit heat simply because it is in operation. The problem arises when this heat increases excessively, as this can damage the equipment. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the cooling system, and the thermal paste will help you with that.

The most important

  • Conductivity is a very important aspect that we must keep in mind when choosing a thermal paste. Those made with a metal base are highly conductive to heat, so they are highly appreciated. However, they are also conducive to electricity, so it is not as safe an option as the others.
  • Before deciding on an option, you must evaluate the amount of thermal grease that will be required. Remember that a large amount is not normally required for it to do its job.
  • One of the basic criteria for purchasing a thermal paste is the material with which it is made. It will influence aspects such as price, conductivity, and safety. There are different types of thermal pastes, depending on the material of which they are composed, for example, there are those made from metals, ceramics, and silicone.

The thermal paste with the most practical applicator


Best Thermal Paste for CPU

This thermal paste was created for the most demanding users, as it offers better heat conductivity for your CPU. In addition, her applicator is very fast and practical, which guarantees that you will be able to do this job without any problem. It has a syringe-shaped applicator to facilitate the process.

The thermal paste with better fixation

Arctic Silver 5 AS5-3.5G Thermal Paste

Best Thermal Paste for CPU

This thermal paste is made with a high-quality material, made with 99.9% pure silver. It has an excellent fixation and with the quantity present in this syringe it is possible to cover between 15 to 25 processors with a small area.

The most cost-effective thermal grease

DeepCool Thermal Paste Z5 DP-TIM-Z5-2

Best Thermal Paste for CPU

This thermal paste is an excellent option if what you are looking for is a good cost-benefit because it is manufactured with high-quality material and quickly reduces up to 15 degrees in your CPU. One of its benefits is that it does not conduct electricity and thus prevents any electrical damage from happening.