Best VR Headset in India

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Best VR headsets: As the Indians move to digitization, the youngest generations of India are showing a keen interest in virtual reality technology. The advancement of virtual reality leads to VR (virtual reality) headphones that can be used on the latest smartphones.

To be frank, virtual reality is the talk of the city in almost every part of the world in this 21st century. The year 2018 is going to be the sale of rock from VR headphones around the world, India is certainly not an exception in this list. Well, before entering the list of the best virtual reality headphones available in the Indian market, we will have some summaries on some fundamentals about VR headphones.

Best VR Headset in India
Best VR headsets India 2018

What is a VR headset?

In simple words, virtual reality Headset is a simple device that will cover the head of the users completely in order to provide the experience of viewing virtual reality video of 360 degrees for the user.

Well, virtual reality is the artificial reformation of human senses like touch, feel, hear, and therefore offered by the special device that will be used to view the clip/film. In most cases, VR devices are used to play virtual computer games. The idea about virtual reality was initially suggested in the novel released in 1982, later made possible in real life.

What to look out while buying a VR headset?

In the Indian market, you can find a variety of VR headphones on various price tags of about RS. 500 range of RS. 50,000. In general, the VR headphones are grouped into three categories: cheap range, mid-range and high-end products. These are some things to have in the purchase of VR helmets.

  • The first and vital thing to be noticed while purchasing a VR headset would be the material in which the VR headset was manufactured. In most cases, the VR headsets materials won’t cost a lot.
  • People who purchased VR headsets in cheap ranges wouldn’t feel that much comfortable while make using it. Among the cheap VR headsets, the Google Cardboard was most preferred one.
  • If you’re purchasing VR headsets for your smartphones, then preferring Mid-range headsets would be the best option. They come with better screen resolution, external power supply and many more.
  • If you are preferring VR headset for playing video games on the personal computer then opting towards the high-end VR headset products would be the best choice.

Here are the lists of best Virtual Reality headsets in all categories available in India.


  1. HTC Vive

HTC Live VR Hearing aids users will experience high-quality RV experiences in all other VR headphones available in the CHAP, Mid, or high-end categories. The virtual reality headset is specially designed to provide a high-quality gaming experience to users and also to make users move their character on the screen themselves.

Using HTC’s lives will give users the experience of the great games and provides them with a large number of intuitive drivers. In simple words, they are the supreme VR headphones that can be purchased in the Indian market.

However, it still has certain drawbacks. In addition to being a high-cost product, the VR device requires special configurations and complicated cabling, in order to offer VR elegance, it also requires a lot of space for adjustments.

Price tag: Starts from Rs. 71,000

  1. Google Daydream View

This headset product from Google VR was released followed by successful launch of affordable VR card, which was a great trend in cheap and as well as mid-end users.

The Daydream headset viewed from Google is one of the most successive products in mid-range VR headphone models. The product comes with a special remote control installation, where you can change and fix the controls according to their similarity.

In addition to being accessible in all respects, the VR headset allows its users to see anywhere in the world the Street View form directly from their room. Although the headset offers you the high effective motion control capability for viewers, the problem of warm-up headphones is the big disadvantage and also users report that there have been few light loss problems in the VR headset of Google Daydream Vista.

Price tag: Starts from Rs. 11,400

  1. PlayStation VR

It is a well-designed VR headset in order to provide better gaming experiences for users. The product is mainly released in the focus of PS4 games; In addition, the inclusion of the highest quality hardware in the PlayStation VR headset gives users a better virtual reality experience.

The PlayStation VR handset comes with multiple control option, users can the supplied user controller along with the VR headset or by purchasing the unique PS separate motion controller that are available in the Indian market to leverage Those options control.

The special design of the PlayStation VR gives you plenty of interior space that allows users to use their glasses when playing games or watching videos. Although, the PlayStation VR headset comes with a huge collection of PS4 ‘s game library, its many additional accessories to be purchased separately by users on the market.

Price tag: Starts from Rs. 29,900

  1. Oculus Rift

If you are a serious fan of virtual reality headphones, then consider purchasing the VR high-end Oculus Rift headphones. It gives you the superior experience of virtual reality, especially for players who can enjoy the huge set of added value aspect with this earphone while playing high quality VR games on their personal computer.

In order to take advantage of this user’s full working features of Oculus Rift VR headphones are supposedly to have a high end computer. Literally, a computer with high-end configuration can produce a better result of this VR headset.

The Oculus Rift offers its users a perfect VR game world, along with the best game control functions. In addition to being so comfortable to use, few users have experienced side effects such as nausea after using this VR for pro-long hours.

Price tag: Starts from Rs. 27,200

  1. Samsung Gear VR

If you are a Samsung Galaxy smartphone user, then buy Samsung Gear VR headphones would be the best for you. The Korean technology giant Samsung has launched this VR Gear headset for its Galaxy smartphone users only.

In order to offer better aspects of VR for Galaxy smartphone users, the adaptability of the Gear VR headset has been limited to the only Galaxy smartphone. The controller supplied with the VR headphones is the real advantage.

The product comes with a cheap price on the market, which can be accessible by almost all smartphone users from India. VR headphones have a huge collection of custom applications and games in the Samsung application market.

Having non-rechargeable batteries for the controller will be the largest minus next to the adaptability of VR headphones only on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Price tag: Starts from Rs. 6,700

  1. Procus PRO VR

The Procus PRO VR Headset is one of the mid-range models, highly compatible with smartphones that have a screen size of 3.5 to 6.2 inches. Especially the smartphones with gyro features would be more adaptable than others.

The built-in tactile technology of this VR headphone product along with the speakers adds additional value to the product. In addition, users can witness the soft touch button on the sides of the headphones that can give you supreme control options.

The product is specially designed to provide better eye safety for users and also the presence of adjustable lenses and nobs provide complete comfort to users. The product is completely composed of the best and highest quality materials that gain a great factor of trust among users.

Price tag: Starts from Rs. 3,200

  1. My VR Goggles Infinity

Even the My VR Googles infinity product has not been listed on cheap models; However, it gains a lot of popularity in the users of Indian smartphones. To be honest, it’s one of the most sold VR headphones in the Indian region.

The adjustable tray, lens, will give users more comfortable and also gives the real advantage for users who are having different eye views. The high quality lens will not endanger the visual quality and offers users a real fun to play with RV games for a long time.

Price tag: Starts from Rs. 1,800

  1. Advent Basics

The Advent VR Basics headphones come with the ability to adapt to smartphones with a screen size of 4.7 to 6 inches. This particular mid-range VR headset gives you the pleasure of enjoying movies, videos, games in the virtual world.

Built-In Earphone features volume control aspects, call response aspects, pause functions that would give you the extra value to prefer this mid-range VR headset. The peculiar physical design of this VR V headset will not press your eyes and provide comfort while watching videos.

Price tag: Starts from Rs. 2,200

  1. Zebronics ZEB-VR Virtual Reality Headset

This lower-end VR headset offers you the experience of paying high-quality motion detection games. The VR headset comes with the adjustable features of the focal length and also the pupil’s distance, thereby ensuring that users have full visibility of the videos they are viewing.

VR headphones have enough room for users to use their glasses while watching videos on it. The physical structure of the VR headphones is highly compatible with the Google carton and offers users a grade of 360 visual panning in their beloved 3d games and videos.

Price tag: Starts from Rs. 750

  1. Aura VR Pro

It is one of the products of VR mid remote headphones in the Indian market that is manufactured with high quality plastics. The Aura VR Pro is specially designed to handle smart phone models that have screen sizes of 3.5 to 6 inches.

The VR headset comes with the affordable Bluetooth enabled remote control game that has all the control functions on it. In order to have pleasant experiences with the Aura VR Pro, the smartphone must have gyro, proximity and magnetometer sensors enabled.

The largest Plus of Aura VR Pro is, it is compatible with Android Mobile starts with the version of the 4.1 operating system from now on and has a dedicated customer support team.

Price tag: Starts from Rs. 1,500