Cheapest SSD Review KingDian S280 SATA III 120GB

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Looking for the cheapest SSD (Solid State Drive)? Maybe KingDian S280 120GB can be an alternative for those of you who want to try an SSD but with a limited budget.

SSDS is a future replacement for HDDs with limited speed. With SSDS, computers or laptops with low specs or low-end specifications can also increase drastically in terms of Windows boot speed or running applications.

A computer with my Core 2 Duo system that is almost 10 years old, when the HDD is replaced with an SSD for the operating system and important applications, its performance is increasing drastically, very fast:)

Unfortunately, indeed the current price of SSDS is still much more expensive compared to Hard Drives. SSD with 120GB capacity only costs around $10 ~ $20. It’s a programmer with a 1TB HDD.

But I was quite surprised to see the price of the SSD with the brand Kingdian S280 IDR with the price of $18 for a capacity of 120GB. Cheap right? What’s cheaper? Maybe there.

But how does it perform?


Review SSD KingDian S280 120GB

This is the display of KingDian SSD..

Cheapest SSD Review KingDian S280 SATA III 120GB

Cheapest SSD Review KingDian S280 SATA III 120GB

KingDian SSD Casing is made from aluminum alloy, so it does not look cheap.

And after loading, this SSD uses Toshiba chip that is certainly a reliable brand.

One more thing that is important enough of an SSD is its read/write speed which certainly determines how quickly open the application and read and write files.

We have tested using the CrystalDiskMark version 6.0.0 x64 software. In addition, we compare also with the brand Samsung Evo 850 which is a very good performance. And here’s the result.

Cheapest SSD Review KingDian S280 SATA III 120GB

At a speed read (read) The SSD KingDian S280 120GB quite good even in some testing can outperform Samsung EVO 850 500GB, but still lose in writing testing (write).

How do you think?

In real human feelings may not be too noticeable. And that feels obvious difference from the HDD upgrade to the SSD will be very noticeably increased speed.

So for performance versus price is certainly worth considering.

Overall OK, but there is one thing to be lacking, namely warranty. My handlebars were only 3 months. If you want a longer warranty, maybe get up to Kingston A400 120GB.

Some reviews of cheap KingDian SSDS are S280 120GB. Hopefully useful!

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  1. KD ssd has major flaw, it does not work well on Mac OS. Under Mac OS it performs like ordinary hdd, performance is well below that of normal ssd. Do not buy if you run Mac OS. Their service team will deny this fact and cover up.
    Avoid. Spend a few more dollars for quality ssd elsewhere.

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