How to Find the Mysterious Stranger in Fallout Shelter

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How to Find the Mysterious Stranger in Fallout Shelter –┬áHaving difficulty finding the Strange Unfamiliar person in your vault? We have actually obtained the overview of long it takes the mysterious complete stranger to show up.

how to find the mysterious stranger in fallout shelter


How to find the mysterious stranger in fallout shelter

In this overview, I’ll be clarifying just how you could discover the imaginary “Strange Complete stranger” in Results Shelter. First up I very suggest a respectable pair of earphones or earbuds as you’ll be regularly paying attention to a piano tone within the video game itself.

Keep in mind he’ll just show up when whatever is calm, so don’t fret concerning him showing up throughout a deathclaw strike or rad cockroach problem. When you’ve heard the audio result though, you’ll have roughly 7-10 secs to locate him within your safe, if you failed to find him you’ll listen to an additional piano tone play and he’ll vanish. Anxiety not, however, he has the tendency to re-appear every couple of mins.

I additionally very advise maintaining the cam panned right out, so you can scroll via your vault quicker, therefore, the vault dwellers and the strange stranger himself will appear 2 dimensional.

The piano tone will obtain louder too depending upon exactly how close you are to him, so for bigger safes, this will certainly be the secret to finding him, for smaller safes it should not be too much of a hassle. Be cautioned he does tend to conceal behind things in the background for those of you who have bigger updated rooms in your safes and if you have the electronic camera zoomed in.

As soon as you have actually located him, make certain to click or touch on him to acquire some easy caps! For every little thing After effects Shelter or Fallout in general, remain tuned to PCMind