Genshin Impact’s Hidden Island Location Contains a Good Loot!

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Guys, you know that in Genshin Impact there’s another secret island that doesn’t even look on the map but contains a lot of chests?

Even on the Genshin Impact World Map, the island and its contents are not detected. Because it’s so far from the mainland, guys.

As a clue, on the island, there are two common chests, one exquisite chest, and one luxury chest.

It’s imagined that there are any star artifacts? Definitely on top of three stars, guys!

As we mentioned above that the island is far from the mainland, so the only way to get to this island is to use Kaeya.

If you don’t already exist, you can continue playing quest first until you get Kaeya, then just go back to this article.

If you already have Kaeya, the first step you have to do is teleport to the first place you are with Paimon.

Yep, on the same beach as the luxury chest that we told you about yesterday.

When you get there, you’ll see the location of the island here:

Genshin Impact's Hidden Island Location Contains a Good Loot!

It’s a long way off, right? A little faster, you can use kaeya and your character’s combo skills to cross the ocean.

When you arrive, you’ll easily find two common chests located on the shore.

As for looking for an exquisite chest, you have to search around the island’s trails.

Later when you find the word “Investigate”, you just click and the chest will appear.

As for the luxury, the chest is a bit, fussy guys.

You’ve got to go to the back of the island, and in the lower corner of the island there’s going to be a gap, that’s where the chest is.

Good luck to you.