How to Get Rid of Recently Watched on Netflix

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How to Get Rid of Recently Watched on Netflix – If you combined watching a series or movie with someone, but could not wait and saw it alone, it is possible that Netflix will report you. To avoid the problem, there is a way to edit the list of latest views on the platform.

How to Get Rid of Recently Watched on Netflix

Today I show you how to delete the history of your Netflix profile. Yes, the list can grow quickly and you may want to hide a movie you have seen. In short, I explain here how to remove this list.

Here’s how to delete Netflix browsing history:


How to remove Netflix Viewing Activity?

  1. If you use the Netflix mobile app on iPhone or Android, open Then, click on the account details to open your account in the default browser
  2. Then click on your profile name. The drop-down menu will open
  3. Click on your account to view the account settings
  4. Scroll until you reach My profile
  5. Click on the visualization activity
  6. Once you face the list of visualization activity, click on the X symbol of each activity to eliminate activities

The viewing history will be deleted instantly even if all these processes take a while to delete.

Now you know how to remove some of your viewing histories on Netflix!