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Grammarly is a site for those writers who want to improve their work. The texts to be edited can be uploaded or pasted into the application. Once loaded, you can use the text enhancement tools. There is a tool for detection of plagiarism, dictionary, vocabulary improvement and, of course, a spell checker, where we do the corrections with just one click. On the right side of the screen, users receive comments and suggestions on what should be changed in their original text. At the bottom of the screen, there is a list of words and critical questions that the document has, and a score based on spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style, vocabulary and plagiarism check. Grammarly can be used for free as a Chrome browser extension. In the paid version, subscribers can download an add-in for Word and Outlook. Grammarly also offers real-time review service with prices varying according to the return time of the corrected text. User texts are stored in the tool itself.

Grammarly Review
Grammarly Review


Grammarly is an advanced review software. Grammarly has two versions, free and paid with advanced features.
If you write in English, this tool fell from the sky directly on your lap! It just pastes the text into Grammarly and it checks, alone, if you spelled something wrong, if you are repeating too much a word and even if your content is appropriate to the text style you need to write – academic, author, business, etc.
But it is important to say that in the free version, which was the one I tested, a simple error like “He’s 54 years old” passed beaten, and there was no fix for “He’s 54 years old”. Maybe the paid version would have identified the error.
My opinion? It is worth downloading and testing and sharing your opinion with me later.

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Hope it works for you!