How do I know if I’ve been Blocked on Instagram? See tips

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Instagram lets you block unwanted people, but doesn’t warn the person who’s been excluded about the end of their friendship. That is, to find out if you’ve been blocked on Instagram, you’ll have to resort to some tips that help you discover this information.

TechTudo has selected five simple ways to check for the blockage—or to confirm your suspicions. It is worth remembering that the procedures are not official of the app itself, but they can be useful to check if someone is no longer your contact on the social network.

The prints were made on the version of Instagram for computers, but the tips are also valid for the application on Android and iPhone phones (iOS).

How do I know if I've been Blocked on Instagram? See tips

Search for the user name

Within Instagram, search for the name of the user you suspect blocked you. If the person doesn’t show up for searches, it’s possible that their profile was entered in their block list – even if it’s not guaranteed. To take this test, simply enter the search for the application, or its web version, and perform the search.

Try opening the profile

If you know their username or if you’ve followed them before, try opening their profile normally by logging into the web version of Instagram or through the app. The social network doesn’t display warnings indicating that the person has blocked you”, but shows messages such as “No posts yet” or “This page is not available.” In either case, they can confirm that there was a blockage.