How Many Subscribers to Make a Living Youtube

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You noticed that there are a lot of people without millions of subscribers who make good numbers on YouTube. That sometimes makes me wonder how many subscribers you really need to start earning income.

How Many Subscribers to Make a Living Youtube
how many subscribers to make youtube full time


In fact, to make money on YouTube, you need more visualizations and participation as well as subscribers. In accordance with the requirements of the YouTube Partner program, you need at least 1,000 subscribers to be eligible to monetize your account through your program. So we can take this as a reference that means starting to earn money on YouTube, at least you need 1,000 subscribers. The commitment here means that people click or see an ad for more than 30 seconds and make money with it. But We cannot say that subscribers are not important at all. It is Still necessary to take more visualizations and more interactions.

As I said before, to earn more money you need more points of view and you can reach through YouTube Advertising. Advertisers choose ads in a cost-per-click (CPC) or per-view (CPV) model. CPC is when an advertiser pays money depending on the clicks, while the CPV is when an advertiser pays money depending on the views.

To earn more money and start winning on YouTube, there are some ways you can implement it. First Of all, you need to learn how to make your first dollar and what prevents you from doing your next. Take a sniper approach by which to make your videos with a specific type of person in mind and make sure your videos meet them.

Join Affiliate Marketing and you can make an average of $0.05 to $0.07 per page of viewing your affiliate marketing. It May be a little more difficult than the ads, but the payment is much higher. Think outside the box by creating a video reviewing the Affiliate product you are launching and how it helps users. You Can Show the demo. Making Money with affiliates on YouTube works the same way as with a blog.

  • Find three or four members who speak directly to your target audience, who solve a common problem
  • Create a video by reviewing the service and how it helps users
  • Create a demonstration video specifically for your audience
  • Interview Other Affiliated users
  • Copy your affiliate link in the video description, preferably within the first few lines.

Then making a sponsored video is also a great way to make money from the ads in your video. Be creative and good at making video content to capture more attention, as well as increase more points of view.

Earning money through your channel does not depend solely on advertising, you can sell your own product, such as self-publishing courses. You approach directly from your audience to your product that will definitely earn more money through your YouTube channel. This means fast products such as self-publishing and printing, as well as higher-value products such as video courses.

In Short, making money on YouTube does not have to depend on advertising and certainly does not mean to be maintained by new YouTube advertiser policies. Remember that your path to success will be easier when you have more Subscribers that will take you to more visualizations and appointments. A tip for you, you can increase your subscribers faster by following the advice and practices given by people who have experienced or can be purchased on the trusted site. For Tips and practices you can only Google in the search engine and there will be plenty of results for you to choose and decide the best to follow.