How to Activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

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How to Activate Bluetooth on Windows 10 –¬†Windows 10 The new Microsoft operating system. With just a few clicks, you can make the pairing and immediately use your gadgets on your computer. The feature is a wireless communication technology that allows you to exchange information and files between smartphones, PCs, headphones, cameras and other devices. Want to know how to do this in a simple and practical way? Check now how to connect Bluetooth devices in Windows 10.


How to Activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

Step one. Click the Windows Stock Center icon. When it appears, select, right-click, the “Bluetooth” option. Then click on the “Go to Settings” pop-up menu;

Step two. In the “Settings” window, if the “Bluetooth” option is not already switched on, click the Keyer button to activate it;

Step three. Connect the Bluetooth to the appliance. If your device has any “Connect” button or any other auto location option, press it to facilitate pairing;

Step four. Click the name of the device, and then do the same on the “Pair” button, which will be displayed next to the item;

Step five. A code is displayed that will need to be typed on the device to be connected. On the device, enter the password and confirm. This procedure is common for most Bluetooth devices. However, depending on the model and function, it can vary a bit. For details of how the pairing of your gadget works, see the manual or visit the manufacturer’s website;

Step six. Wait a bit until Windows 10 completes the pairing and connect to the device;

Step seven. When “Connected” appears below the appliance name, you may already start using it.

Ready. Although the tutorial seems long, the first connection via Bluetooth with Windows 10 is very simple and fast. The best thing is that you won’t have to do it again. Next time, just call and use.