How to Adjust Brightness on a JVC TV

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Adjusting the brightness on your JVC television may be necessary as the television gets older or when you move it to another room. In some cases, when watching darker videos, adjusting the brightness on your television can also make those videos easier to watch.

How to Adjust Brightness on a JVC TV
Instructions How to Adjust Brightness on a JVC TV

  1. Turn on the television, tune into a television station, or start playing a movie you’d like to see brighter.
  2. Press the “Menu” button either on your remote or on your television if the remote is unavailable.
  3. Select the “Video” option from the selections provided.
  4. Go to the “Brightness” option in the video menu.
  5. Adjust the brightness slash to the right to make the image brighter, and to the left, make the image darker.
  6. Press the “Enter” button to save the settings and press “Menu” from exiting the menu and returning to your program.