How to Become a Monk in Bitlife

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You can explore various lifestyles and unique options in BitLife. You can live the career of a doctor, or choose the darker and seedier options that come with joining the Mafia, which usually means committing countless crimes and running from the police. There is also the possibility of taking it easy, getting away from it all, and becoming a monk.

How to Become a Monk in Bitlife

To become a monk, you have to follow a pure lifestyle. To do this, you must make sure that your masculine character remains virginal and do not take drugs or alcohol while in high school. You can avoid these activities very easily because they are not necessary, and whenever another character interacts with you, you can say no and refuse.

When you finish high school, you will need to look for a monk job in the professions section. It will be at the bottom of the page because it provides you with a very large income.

The job is very low paying, so you will have to go through all the careers to find it. It will take a few years to show up, so you may need another job or a part-time job to help support your character. If he doesn’t appear in the first year, keep tapping the aging icon up while you wait for him to appear.

Becoming a monk is much like any other job in BitLife, so you’ll want to make sure you regularly maintain your character’s stats by exercising, changing their diet, and regularly visiting the doctor when they have any problems. If you want to earn more money in your career, be sure to work harder whenever you have the opportunity and become good friends with your supervisor.