How to Cable Manage a PC – Good Cable Management

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If there is any facet of development a new PC setup that most often gets Disregarded, it’s cable Leadership. If you don’t know what cable control is (in reference to construction a PC or battle station), it can be summed up as the act of routing the cables in your laptop or behind your table in such a way to where they look sparkling and put together and to where they are not obstructing the air move in your PC case.

At this time, I’m not a cable nazi by any means. I do believe that, for the most part, a moderate effort to keep the cables away from your motherboard and case enthusiasts is, in most situations, a good enough effort as long as your main objective is to build a PC that will assist you to play your favored games.
Notwithstanding, I do appreciate flawless cable Leadership. There are not whole many things in life that I find more alluring than a clean-looking laptop with excellent cabling.

And, if you want further than just a gaming PC—if you wish to whatever that is attractive and magnificent—then you need to make sure your cabling is on point.

To support you get an idea of what reasonable cable control looks like and to inspire your new upcoming build, I’ve collected a few examples of some perfect cabling.

How to Cable Manage a PC - Good Cable Management

There is not over-the-top liquid cooling in this build. There is not an overload of RGB Lighting fixtures. There are no crazy color schemes that make it stand out. It’s just a nice-looking white & black build with disposing of cable Administration. The custom cables do give it a satisfactory touch, though…

How to Cable Manage a PC - Good Cable Management

If your cable control is reasonable, an extreme custom liquid cooling setup can take attention away from your cables altogether. If your cable administration is Awful, no count how cool your liquid cooling loop looks, your system will not look great. The cabling in this build is done better, and that means that you can the liquid cooling setup to take center stage.

How to Cable Manage a PC - Good Cable Management

Here’s an extreme closeup of some best custom braided cables. If you have more money to spend on custom cables, they will assist your build (and cable Administration) stand out.

How to Cable Manage a PC - Good Cable Management

I am more of a stuff-all-excess-cables-behind-the-motherboard-tray kind of guy. It’s the same plan as throwing all your dirty laundry in no way your bed so that your room looks, Blank. It works to an extent. But, if you want legal responsibility cable Administration, then you tend to the unseen occasion in your build like Reddit user u/tcollier91 did in this setup.

How to Cable Manage a PC - Good Cable Management

One way or the other this genius figured out a way to make his piping look like part of his cable management setup and his cable set up to look like his piping. Cable leadership like this only comes around once in a millennium… eat your heart out boys and girls.

How to Cable Manage a PC - Good Cable Management

Often, we congratulate system developers on their cable administration when, in fact, all they have done is hidden their cable mess behind their table or desk. Though, there are a few among us who take cable control a bit more serious. To those select few, we salute you, oh manager of cables in the unseen realm of “behind-the-table.”

How to Cable Manage a PC - Good Cable Management

There’s good cable leadership, and then there’s next-level cable Leadership. It’s not that this builder pulled any kind of magic tips on their cabling, but rather that they matched their cables to their total and power provide that takes this build to a whole new level.

How good is your cable management?

Once again, these are samples of some of the best cable management out there. If you are simply looking to build a computer that allows you to play your games at the highest settings and you do not care what the inside of your PC looks like, you do not necessarily need to take your wiring to the extreme that has Some of these settings.
However, you should put some work into your wiring to make sure that your case maintains a good airflow.

And, if you are looking to assemble a very nice setup, I hope these examples have given you some ideas. In the next release, I’ll go over a handful of tips that you can apply in your new build that will help make cable management a little easier.

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