How to Capture the Screen on Laptop?

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How to Capture the Screen on Laptop – Nowadays, most people tend to use their laptop to work or entertain themselves thanks to their flexibility, portability and many other benefits. For many users, taking screenshots is an activity they often do. You may need to share Excel data, a work report, or a table of values with others. No matter what type of information you want to share, it is important to have a suitable tool to make screenshots from your laptop because it will save you a lot of time. So, how to do a screenshot on a laptop? In this article, I will show you different ways of doing them from Windows laptops or Mac OS.

Make screenshots using the keyboard

1. Simple Form in Windows – Print Screen Key

If you use a laptop with Windows OS, you may have heard that there is a free way to capture screen on a laptop. Yes, simply press the “PrtSc” or “Print Screen” key on your keyboard, usually located at the top right of the keyboard. Some laptops need to use the “Fn” key, so you must press the “Fn” and “Imp Pant” keys at the same time. The notebook will automatically save your screenshot to a temporary clipboard. You can then use the “Ctrl + V” keyboard shortcut to paste your screenshot.

2. Simple form on Mac – Command + Shift + # 3 / $ 4

How to make a screenshot on a Mac or MacBook laptop? Similar to the Windows notebook, you can also take screenshots of the entire screen by pressing the “Command + Shift + # 3” keyboard shortcut. Also, if you want to do a partial screenshot, you can use “Command + Shift + $ 4”; a cursor will appear with which you can select an area to frame your desired image. Release the mouse and the screen capture will be saved by default on your desktop as a PGN file.

Default program for making screenshots

1. Snipping Tool for Windows

How to Capture the Screen on Laptop

As we all know, all Windows laptops are capable of making screenshots using the keyboard combination. In addition, they also include a free program called Cutouts, specially designed to capture images from the desktop of your computer. Simply go to “Start” and look for “Clipping” on notebooks with Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. If you are using Windows 8, you should look for “clippings” in the home screen browser. Once you have opened the Crop tool, choose a crop type from “Free Crop”, “Rectangular Crop”, “Cropping Window” and “Crop Full Screen” to capture the desired image.

2. Default application for Mac – Grab

How to Capture the Screen on Laptop

Alternatively, you can also use the Grab program (an integrated Mac OS X service) to capture full or partial screen images or even a specific window on your Mac notebook. With a few clicks, you can save the screenshot anywhere your Mac. Click on “Finder” to find the “Applications” folder, and you will see “Grab” inside the “Utilities”. Go to the Grab menu bar and click “Capture” to choose a capture mode; then you can capture what you want.



For Windows laptop users, the key combination can only capture the entire screen or the entire window. If you want to make a partial screenshot, you can use the integrated Crop program. If you use a Mac laptop, you can capture your laptop screen in different sizes, but you may need to find another tool to polish images and add effects like arrows, lines, circles, rectangles, filters, and more. So, a professional tool that integrates pleasant functions to capture the screen, edit , nd share, will undoubtedly be your favorite.