How to Clean a Laptop to Extend Its Life

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Cleaning a laptop is not simply a matter of hygiene. Knowing how to clean a laptop and do it correctly periodically will help you extend its life. If you thought that setting up a PC is a complex task, cleaning a laptop is an equally difficult task. It is a process of both cleaning and maintenance that will allow you to have your device working in good condition for longer.


How to clean a laptop; the importance of clean fans

The fans are a critical point in your laptop. When they are dirty they work poorly, they start to make annoying noise louder than usual and they don’t do their job properly. This is none other than preventing the PC from overheating and stop working. This is especially worrying in summer but it can really happen at any time of the year. Cleaning SSD laptops or MSI laptops is essential to ensure optimum performance. It should be noted that the cleaning of a laptop differs from that of a PC computer or gaming keyboard and mouse.

How to Clean a Laptop to Extend Its Life

The laptop fan is usually filled with dust and suspended particles. If they are not cleaned properly they end up settling between the blades of the same and on them, in spite of the ventilation grid, forming fluffs that prevent its correct operation.

Some people say that blowing on the grill is enough, but let’s be serious: the accumulated dust will not come out that way. At least not if we talk about blowing with the air in our lungs. Another thing is to use a blowing element such as a canister of compressed air specially designed for cleaning these types of devices. It is a very practical and very cheap solution. You must apply it on the inlet grid with its cannula and press so that the air blow removes the dirt. If you do this work periodically, you will not let it accumulate and you will get used to doing it as a maintenance habit.


How to use the vacuum cleaner

If you wonder how to clean a laptop with a vacuum cleaner, the answer is simple: in the same way as with compressed air but by applying the air intake on the air outlet grille. In any case, it is not advisable to perform this procedure with a powerful vacuum cleaner that could damage the laptop. A good option is an adjustable vacuum cleaner or one of those sold specifically for cleaning computers and electronic devices, which are attached to it through a USB port and operate at a power suitable for them.


How often should you do it?

The answer depends on the use you give to your device and the environment in which you usually use it. In a house with pets such as dogs or cats, and if you use it on the street in an area of ​​heavy traffic or dust and dirt, do it once every two weeks. Also in work environments with many dust particles or other substances in the air, once a week. In clean domestic or work environments, once a month will be more than enough.

The problem comes when maintenance has not been performed for a long time. Thus the fans accumulate a huge amount of dirt and dirt. In these circumstances and to save the computer, there is nothing left but to take drastic measures that go through opening the device and cleaning the laptop inside.


Suitable tools

Knowing how to clean a laptop inside is essential to do it correctly and without damaging the PC. It is not easy on all laptops and requires some manual skills. For this, you will also need a repair toolkit. This is usually very cheap (and even more so if you compare it to having to buy a new laptop for having overheated yours). The most complicated thing is to open the computer; In some models, it has a certain complication, although in another it is just a matter of unscrewing small connecting screws.

Try to do this in a clean place without drafts, on a spacious table. Of course, with the computer turned off and if you have a removable battery with it removed. Once the ventilation cable is opened and disconnected, the ideal is to remove the fan to clean comfortably and that the dirt that comes out of it does not go to other components of the laptop. Do it carefully because the blades are delicate. Then you just have to put everything back in its place and close the device.

As you can imagine, it is much simpler to consider a periodic maintenance calendar that will take you a couple of minutes at a time, than to find yourself thinking about how to clean a laptop inside to prevent it from overheating and becoming unusable.


How to clean a laptop and leave the screen as new

To facilitate the use of the laptop, the screen must be clean. But you cannot use any type of utensil, material or detergent. In addition to dirt, you will end up with the device. When considering how to clean a laptop, you should be clear about what products you can or cannot use. Avoid using water or detergents at all costs and don’t even try to clean the screen with paper or you could scratch it. The simplest and most reliable way is with a microfiber cloth. A very economical solution and available to anyone, which provides an excellent result.

To clean the screen, pass the microfiber cloth over it without exerting much pressure on it. Remember that you are dealing with a delicate device. Do it by gentle circular movements if it is very dirty or unidirectional if it is a simple maintenance cleaning. It is important not to rub the screen to avoid damaging it and much more avoid removing any particles with the nail.


How to clean a laptop outside

The exterior of a laptop is usually dirty especially when it is transported and used in different environments. Sometimes it is grease-stained, has finger marks and it is important to clean it properly for hygiene and to prevent this dirt from passing to more delicate areas of the device.

When you wonder how to clean a laptop on the outside, don’t complicate your life. In these cases simplifying is always good. Some wipes special are perfect to do so and, failing that, you can use wet wipes that are used for baby hygiene. But always use quality wipes that do not leave soapy marks. Carefully clean the laptop lid without touching the vents.

You can use this same type of wipes to clean the inside frame of the screen, always without touching it. And even the bottom of the keyboard on which the hands rest. You can let it air dry or do it with a microfiber cloth as long as it is not the same as the one you use for the laptop screen. A good idea is that these are of two different colors and so you will not go wrong.


How to clean a laptop and leave the perfect keyboard

When considering how to clean a laptop you should pay special attention to the computer keyboard. This is usually one of the areas that need more attention. It is easy for the keys to be stained with grease or the use itself. But also and depending on the design of the device, small dust particles, and other elements can be clogged between the keys inside the device. Beware of the hair of pets, if you peck using the computer (crumbs, grease or, even more dangerous, salt) or if you use it in dusty environments or outdoors. They can affect the normal operation of the laptop.

First, you must turn off the laptop and remove pen drives or other devices that may bother you or may deteriorate during cleaning. In extreme cases, you may be forced to remove the keys for cleaning. Ideally, do not reach that point and periodically clean so that too much dirt never accumulates in it. You would then have to wash them one by one using a mild detergent diluted in water. And then let them air dry inside the house without the sun directly.


Routine cleaning

But the ideal way to avoid reaching that point is to perform periodic maintenance cleaning. Cleaning the keyboard of a laptop is simple in that case. You can use a specific vacuum cleaner for this purpose, low power, and small size, very manageable. Or a canister of compressed air for cleaning the key slots. In both cases, it is a very simple, cheap, fast and effective procedure.

Then you can proceed to clean the keys outside superficially but effectively. A silicone brush or a dry microfiber cloth is perfect for removing dust and daily particles. A movement of a few seconds after turning it off every day that will avoid more complicated deep cleaning tasks. If they are dirty with grease, the ideal is to use wipes for electronic devices, which are the way to clean a laptop without damaging the device. If you have a PC computer, you need to carefully clean the computer towers.

Knowing how to clean a laptop is something simple and very necessary to extend the life of the device. Try not to leave it for cases of extreme need and acquire the habit of performing periodic maintenance micro cleaning tasks is the best way to take care of it using little time and cheap and accessible resources.

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