How to Clean LCD Screen without Damaging

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How to Clean LCD Screen without Damaging – The new TV and computer screens are fragile and so it is important to know how to clean an LCD screen so as not to commit nonsense. It does not clean up in the same way as a classic screen. An LCD screen is beautiful, has a nice image quality, but is nonetheless fragile. Their maintenance, therefore, requires a special cleaning. It does not clean in the same way as a standard screen or with the same products. Cleaning a LED or LCD screen should be done with certain precautions so as not to damage the screen. How to clean an LCD screen will be very useful to you, because this kind of screen gets dirty very easily and dust is their worst enemy.


how to clean lcd screen
how to clean LCD screen

In the first step, you need to turn off your TV. As a security measure, of course, but also because you will see the stains better and especially the fingerprints present on your screen. The first step is to dust off your screen. This dusting is done like any TV or computer screen cleaning. Take a clean, dry cloth, preferably cotton, like an old T-shirt or a rag. He must not leave a plush. To remove dust, move your rag from the top down. Do not forget to dust off the edges to prevent dirt from falling on the screen. How to clean an LCD screen with fingerprints is the question that is posed especially to people who have children. Indeed, they like to show something that goes on TV by putting their finger on the screen. You need a clean cloth impregnated with just a little water. Remove stains by passing the damp cloth, taking care not to press the screen of your TV or computer too much. If the stains are difficult to leave, take another cloth and spray on the stains with a little product to glass, emphasizing the stains. Once the traces and stains are cleaned, pick up your water-soaked rag and clean your screen by making vertical lines and then horizontal strips.


Some tips and tricks to clean a screen

If you want to clean your LCD screen or clean an ipad screen, there are some mistakes not to be made and some tricks to know. How to clean an LCD screen is not complicated, but it is better to avoid damaging it. As a first step, avoid the products you find in stores. They are no more effective than a simple rag and water but are mostly relatively expensive. Never spray a product directly on your screen. This will just make extra stains. The small pieces of fabric used to clean the goggles are perfect for cleaning the LCD screens. It is, of course, obvious that abrasive and aggressive products should not be used. They can gnaw on the surface of your screen. Some people use white vinegar, but this is not recommended. In any case, when you see the result with just a rag and water, you will not want to take the risk of using another product or buy one in a store. This cleaning applies to LCD screens and not to plasma screens. They do not have the same technologies and therefore clean themselves differently. How to clean an LCD screen will allow you to have a clean screen like on the first day and effectively remove dust and fingerprints, very simply.