How to Clean the PS4 for Optimal Maintenance

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Thorough cleaning is essential for the good maintenance of a game console. Among the causes of the deterioration of devices such as game consoles or laptops, is the accumulation of dust particles inside and dirt in the fans. This last point is especially important because the good cooling of the appliance depends on them. Poor cooling can irreversibly damage the appliance. Therefore, knowing how to clean the PS4 and how often to do it is basic. And also take into account a number of issues aimed at extending its useful life.

How to know when to clean the PS4

Any video game console must be removed from the outside frequently. Just like any other device like a desktop computer or a Smart TV. The external cleaning is essential both in a PS4 console and others. Especially if dust accumulates on it.

But also if it is used in leisure time without care for cleaning. Many users do not hesitate to use the controls of the PS4 while eating greasy and salty snacks, for example. If this is your case, it is important that you take it into account and take care of its periodic cleaning to prevent grease and salt from deteriorating these.

How to Clean the PS4 for Optimal Maintenance

In the case of internal cleaning, if you detect that it makes strange noises, it is time to do an in-depth cleaning. All Playstation 4 models require cleaning in these cases. If you don’t know how to do it or it’s still under warranty, don’t open it, but at least take care of removing dust from the fans. You can read how to do it later.

Dust clogging, wrong to avoid

As long as no air comes out of the fan when it is running, you should clean the PS4. Although it may be due to a breakdown, it is usually simply clogged by dust. Cleaning it will be easy, but it is necessary if you do not want it to overheat and be useless.

In any case, there is a popular saying that states that prevention is not better than cure. And another says that it is not cleaner who cleans but who least dirty. Applying it to what interests us, before worrying about how to clean PS4, take care that it is stained as little as possible.

Anyway, you can mark dates on your calendar to clean PS4 periodically. This way, you won’t let dust and dirt particles accumulate without being aware of how much has happened since the last time. The more often you clean it, the less it will cost you to do it (both work and time).

Why you need to clean PS4 periodically

  • It will allow you to extend the useful life of the device.
  • It will prevent you from forgetting to do basic cleaning maintenance.
  • It will make you aware of the importance of being careful with cleaning both when you use it and when it is not used.
  • It will allow you to avoid creating major problems due to a lack of cleaning.

How to clean PS4 simply and effectively

Clean dust from PS4 fans safely and effectively

If there is one aspect that you should be clear about when cleaning the dust from your game console, it must always be cleaned from the inside out. That is, it is about extracting dust and dirt particles, not introducing them beyond the fans.

Some people are unaware of this and use nefarious home methods. Many people confess that they decide to clean the PS4 with a dryer. Even if you use the cold air function (and if you use the hot air function, it is still much more serious because you can overheat the appliance), this is exactly what you should not do. Never. Under no circumstances. Although you see that there is no dust, it is not that you have removed this, it is that you have put it inside.

To remove dust from the fans, there are simple and very effective methods. Like using a USB vacuum cleaner like those used to clean a computer. It is not convenient to clean the PS4 with a general household cleaning vacuum cleaner unless you have a very precise power regulator. You could be exerting too strong a force to damage some parts.

Efficient alternatives

The aspirators for laptops or low-intensity vacuum will allow you to remove dust from the fans largely without opening the housing of the game console. This is important if you are in a hurry, or if it is under warranty and you do not want to open it. And even if you are afraid to clean its interior.

Using compressed air canisters is also an excellent choice for removing dust from fans. These are specifically designed for cleaning devices such as laptops, gaming towers, or game consoles. Its Canutillo allows you to clean it from the racks, without opening it. It is very simple. On the packaging, you will find some drawings or detailed instructions that show you how to do it easily and effectively.

Of course, cleaning the PS4 is something you should always do with it turned off.

How to clean PS4 shell easily

The accumulation of dust and dirt from the outside can end up reaching the inside if you do not take care of cleaning PS4 periodically. Dusting this area is easy, and you can use special wipes like those used for cleaning the TV or for cleaning the laptop.

You must take into account the type of use you make of your smartphone and if it is compatible with other devices to which you would like to connect it

It is not recommended to use a multipurpose cleaner. Some may contain aggressive ingredients. Technology-specific liquids and solutions are currently sold and worth using – and inexpensive. And you can use them to clean other video game consoles you have, the case of your external hard drive, Bluetooth speakers and other types of technological devices. In addition, it will also serve to clean support.

This is also important that you do it with your game console turned off and unplugged.

In any case, prevention is important. It is true that the PS4 looks great on a shelf or side table. But what is better, a little posturing for yourself or visits, or lengthening its useful life? Something as simple as covering it with a cloth or storing it in a closet in an appropriate cover will prevent dust and dirt from being collected while not in use. Or that it does it minimally.

How to clean the reader of your PS4

Cleaning the PS4 thoroughly includes cleaning the reader. This may seem delicate and complex. And, in fact, it is if you do it by disassembling and cleaning the lens manually. But it is very simple and totally safe if you don’t wait for it to get excessively dirty, and periodically you use a CD cleaner.

These are very cheap and very practical. By simply introducing them and letting them work, you will be in charge of cleaning PS4 at this level.

How to clean PS4 inside

It will not cost you to find video tutorials on how to do it. But you should keep in mind that it is a delicate process. If you are afraid of spoiling it, don’t do it. If you take care to keep it from getting excessively dirty, it will probably be years without your needing to do so (perhaps even its entire lifetime).

You should also bear in mind that if it is under warranty it is not worth handling or you will lose the said warranty. Unless it is really wrong, it is not worth it.

In any case, if you finally decide to do it, be very careful. Use the right materials to do it. And only be guided by totally reliable video tutorials.

I am cleaning PS4 accessories, how to do it.

If there is a part of the Playstation that requires special cleaning, it is the controls. You can clean PS4 from time to time, but it’s always interesting that the controls are cleaned frequently. It is clear that they are fondled, and even with clean hands, they get dirty. In addition, dust can accumulate on the buttons if it is not cleaned frequently and affect the game by obstructing them or hindering any interior connection.

The easiest way to prevent dust and dirt particles from reaching them is to use compressed air. As we have already mentioned before, this type of specific cans for cleaning technological devices is very practical, effective, safe with the device, and simple. Avoid using a cotton swab. Its threads can come off and cause more problems than dust.

Isopropyl alcohol, a recommended cleaning tool

But it is not only necessary to clean the possible gap between the buttons. Only sweat already stains the controls. The use of specific wet wipes for cleaning screens and digital devices is a good decision. Also, the use of isopropyl alcohol (do not confuse it with 96º alcohol or 70º alcohol) because they are different products and fine microfiber cloth.

This will help you clean the various accessories of the PS4, such as the external part of the headphones or the external part of the glasses.

Cleaning the PS4 will be very easy for you by following these tips. But remember that it is also important to take the necessary precautions so that it does not stain excessively.