How to Clean Your Xbox Without Damaging It

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Knowing how to clean your Xbox is key to extending its useful life. And to prevent problems of heating or slowness that appear when dirt accumulates inside the consoles. Have you ever considered the need to clean your Xbox? That already indicates the need to do it as soon as possible. With these tips, you can take care of yourself. It is a very simple process.

How to Clean Your Xbox Without Damaging It

When to clean your Xbox inside

The most delicate part of an Xbox is its interior. And precisely for this reason, it is necessary to clean it inside if measures have not been taken beforehand to prevent dirt particles from reaching the interior from its fans. It is important that you keep in mind that you should only do this cleaning if the Xbox needs it. You will also need to have tools to open the console safely and without damaging it. And a canister of compressed air for safe cleaning.

Of course, you must bear in mind that the moment you do so, the guarantee will be void. So if it is still under warranty, do it only if the accumulated dirt is really affecting its operation. The best option is always prevention. Knowing how to clean your Xbox from the outside allows you to keep it in perfect condition without having to access the inside.

How to clean your Xbox on the outside to prevent dirt from accumulating inside

Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dirt particles when cleaning your game console

The way dirt gets inside the Xbox is its fans. These should work to avoid overheating. But if they are not cleaned, dirt accumulates on them and gets inside. That is why it is essential to clean the ventilation grille with a vacuum cleaner that absorbs these particles. You can do this with a handheld vacuum cleaner like car vacuum cleaners. Or with a small desktop keyboard vacuum.

Clean your Xbox reader if it has a disc drive

Xbox models that have a CD-Rom and DVD player must keep this clean. Are you scared of doing it? It doesn’t have to. It is a very simple process using a cleaning CD. It is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to do it. If you find that your Xbox has problems reading the CDs, it is time to proceed with cleaning.

Every so often, clean the case of your Xbox

Under normal conditions, doing it once every three months is sufficient. But if you see that it is dirty, you can do it more frequently, when you need it. To clean it, the Xbox must be turned off and disconnected from the power. With a fiber cloth dampened in a mixture of slightly soapy water, wipe it all over. But remember: moistened is not soaked.

With this you can also clean the console controls.