How to Convert Guest Account to Registered Account on ChimeraLand

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New info, ChimeraLand is an open-world sandbox RPG in a prehistoric, mythical world.

How to Convert Guest Account to Registered Account on ChimeraLand

You must gather resources, craft items, grow crops, and research technologies. Start from building a survival shelter to making a megabase in the Outerspace!
You will find hundreds of bizarre mythical beasts while exploring this seamless world. Do you want a new pet? Catch and Tame them!
Or maybe you want to have a pair of wings on your horse? Let your pets devour them, and see what kind of Chimera you can create! The possibility is endless!

You can be a close-quarter fighter wielding blades, a cunning gunslinger with X-bows, or both! You can be a Werewolf, a Dragonborn, or a Jellyfish girl! Choose your way, and create your style!

There are no limitations to restrict what you can and cannot be!
And there are thousands of other creative travelers with unique tastes and styles, living and thriving together…

This tutorial will show you how to convert your steam guest account into a registered one.

Guide to Convert Guest Account ChimeraLand to Registered Account


  1. Log in to the game and select your character.
  2. Open the ESC menu and click settings.
  3. Click Privacy, then “Account Linking.”
  4. Choose an account to link and follow the steps there.
  5. If it all worked out, you should be able to log out, click the guest account button on the bottom left, choose “existing account,” and choose the account you linked in step 4.

You should now be done.


Make sure you are on the same game server you have your character in, and it should be there.

Linking your account is needed if you want to play on mobile.