How to earn free Bitcoins?

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In addition to getting Bitcoin (BTC) by buying from real money on foreign exchange sites or using the computer to mine, there are other ways to earn virtual currency. Some sites and applications, for example, distribute Bitcoins fragments for free only for the user to stay logged in or to use in a virtual lottery type.

Bitcoin is fragmented in some divisions. One of them is Satoshi: a bitcoin is equivalent to one hundred million Satoshis. Most sites and services that offer free Bitcoins, in fact, offer the Shatosi. Learn ways to get the currency without having to have a superpotent machine or invest real money, just by using websites or playing online games.

How to earn free Bitcoins? ( It is a kind of virtual lottery that offers every hour a minimum of 340 Satoshis can reach 47 million Satoshis distributed gratis.It also allows the user to multiply their bitcoins as in a casino game or buy tickets that are drawn.

Bitvisitor ( Offers a minimum of 240 Satoshis for 5 minutes that the user visits websites.

Paidbooks ( Pay for reading books. Every 10 minutes 150 satoshis

Ads4Btc ( Pay to visit websites and view advertising. The compensation can reach 500 Satoshis for 20 seconds of open link ( It works like lottery. You can reach 11 million Satoshis in the free version. ( Game that offers bitcoin to know which animal is the most popular among users. Just to vote the game pays 200 Satoshis, if your pet is chosen are more 150 Satoshis. Each vote lasts for 10 minutes and you must attend until the end.

Boxbit ( Each box, out of a total of ten, has a prize ranging from 18 to 181,818 Satoshis. There are only two chances to guess where the biggest prize with bitcoin value is. ( Every 5 minutes, the site pays 250 satoshi for the user to correctly respond captchas.

Btcclicks ( Pay up to 144 Satoshis per ad view that can take up to 30 seconds.

Btc-tree ( Pay between 100 and 500 Satoshis to answer captchas correctly.

Bitcoinker ( Every 15 minutes you pay 58 Satoshis for the user to remain on the site.

Coinad ( You can pay up to about 600 Satoshis per click advertising.

Visitbit ( Pay up to 200 Satoshis for visits to sites that last between 5 and 30 seconds.

Bitcoinzebra ( pay up to three thousand Satoshis per hour to respond captchas

Free Bitcoin: It is a game for Android style casino can get to pay 1 thousand Satoshis per attempt.

Blockchain Game ( It is a game of agility and reflex for Android can pay up to 30 thousand Satoshis per day.

SaruTobi ( Game for iOS style Mario, gives prizes to users in bitcoin can reach 1 thousand Satoshis.