How to Extract the tar.gz Files in Linux

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How to Extract the tar.gz Files in Linux – Discuss simple but quite often performed on Linux because of the archive tar.gz format is commonly used for the distribution of the package installer application and CMS. OK, we will extract the contents of the file is compressed by Gunzip. ????

How to Extract the tar.gz Files in Linux


To extract the tar.gz file content is not a difficult thing and does not need additional applications such as a type of ZIP. Stay of execution just this:

tar -xzvf file_name.tar.gz

I explain the function parameters that relate to:

  • x gave instructions so that the file is extracted.
  • z algorithm extracts is Gzip/Gunzip.
  • v process information will be printed. So file – any files that are being extracted will appear on the screen.
  • f will be saved as files not displayed its contents on the screen.

If everything will be merged as the example command above.

All this and good luck.

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