How to Find Users on Spotify

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How to Find Users on Spotify – Spotify is currently the music service streaming with more popular and more users, and although today we will not discover the characteristics of the service Yes we commented on the possibility of searching or locating other users.

You can find any user, either friends or other users knew or not on Spotify through the mobile phone contacts, your Facebook account or by locating your username directly in the search engine. Once you find them you can see their profile, listen to the playlists they share, send them songs or messages and the other options available to their users of the streaming service.

How to Find Users on Spotify

With the mobile and the app Spotify

First of all, to locate a friend or acquaintance through mobile contacts we can use the app for mobile devices available for which we will check once installed on your mobile from the menu of the app Spotify and heading to the Friends option. In this section, we will see clearly if our contacts have an account on Spotify.

Search Spotify by your username

It is possible if we remember it or if we want to try luck with any username. Find and find people in Spotify using the search field command: Spotify: User: Username after which we will access your profile

Find your Facebook Friends

On many occasions the accounts of Spotify and Facebook are linked, to see if it is the case you have to go to the Start menu to follow and then access the section Facebook friends on Spotify to see the contacts using the Follow button in which with We’ll find it opportune.