How to Find Z Score in Excel

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How to Find Z Score in Excel – Microsoft Excel includes a large number of statistical formulas, including one that can calculate a Z-score (standard score) directly. You can also calculate Z-scores with a formula.

Step 1: Enter the data

Type the data values for which you want to calculate the default Z-scores in a single column. There is no need to classify them or organize the values in any particular way. Provide titles for the other elements that will be required for the calculation of the Z-score.

Step 2: Calculate the average

Use the average function to calculate the average of the data values. In the cell reserved for the average value, enter the function as = average (interval). Select-Highlight-values to populate the interval values.

You can also access this function in additional two ways:

Clicking the function button in the formula bar and selecting the statistical category in the pop-up box, and then the average of your list, or
Choosing the Formulas tab in the Excel ribbon and click the most Functions button, selecting statistics, and then average pop-up list.

Step 3: Calculate the standard deviation

In the cell reserved for the default deviation value, type the function as = STDEV (interval). Once again, select the cells to be included in the calculation.
In fact, there are four functions available for calculating the standard deviation, which you use depends on the data. The STDEV () function is used for logical sets of samples (True/False) or text in the data range. The STDEVA () function is another set of samples but includes all the text and logical values in your gamma. The STDEVP () calculates the standard deviation of an entire population. Like the STDEV (), it omits logical values or text. STDEVPA, such as STDEVA () includes logical values and text in calculating the standard deviation of a population.

how to find z score in excel
how to find z score in excel


Step 4: Calculate standardized scores

Step 5: Calculate Z scores with a function