How to Fix a Water Damaged Smartphone

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Events such as dropping a smartphone into a toilet, swimming pool, mudflow, washing machine, or a glass of fruit juice, are some of the things that are likely to happen to us unintentionally. As of late, where the rains are falling endlessly until the flood may make your gadget moist exposed to rain while in the pocket or even falling into the water during the flood. It certainly raises concerns about the impact of damage inflicted on your smartphone.

How to Fix a Water Damaged Smartphone

Not to mention that falling into the water is a pretty expensive and sophisticated smartphone like an Android-based smartphone, BlackBerry, or iPhone. If it’s up to happening it would have been very painful. Before you feel great panic, there are a few simple ways you can do to make your water-flooded smartphone quickly dry.

Here are the first aid steps you can take:

  1. As soon as possible remove a smartphone falling into the water. Most smartphones have fairly strict plastic caps. It took about 20 seconds for the water to get through the protector and go deeper.
  2. Immediately release the battery carefully and then allow it to completely dry. If your smartphone has a unibody design where the battery cannot be removed, the smartphone must immediately take it to the service center.
  3. Remove the SIM card. Remove as soon as possible to prevent damage to the SIM card and leave it dry.
  4. Dry your smartphone. This is the most important step. You should remove as much water as possible from your smartphone. Shake carefully and use a cotton cloth or tissue paper that can absorb water.

As for this fourth step, there is a further way of using rice. There are two ways that we will share with PC-Mind readers, here’s how:

The first way is to insert your smartphone into a large plastic bag containing rice. Rice acts as a dryer to remove water from the air and helps drain your smartphone from water well.

The second way is to put your smartphone underwater in a bowl or container, then immerse the rice into it. Rice will function like a silica gel, which will suck and absorb moisture. Allow a few hours to make sure the smartphone is completely dry. If it has dried up completely, clean the rest of the rice with a subtle brush and then reattach the battery and try restarting your smartphone.

In addition, there are a few things to keep in mind and be avoided by you if you want to try drying your smartphone. Some of these include avoiding excessive heat use, such as using a hair dryer, heat from the lamp, or drying in the sun directly. These can damage components and connectors on your smartphone.

The most ideal way to dry a water-flooded smartphone is to use a low-pressure air compressor or a vacuum cleaner.

Well, hopefully these tips can be helpful and useful to all of you who are experiencing similar events. If some of the above tips have been done by you but the smartphone still can not turn back, we advise you to bring the smartphone to service center or after-sales service.