How to Get Followers on Tumblr

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How to Get Followers on Tumblr – In the Sea of options and social media, TUMBLR shows a new meeting point between those who want to disclose content and information from the most diverse themes. That’s why TechTudo prepared some tips to teach you how to get followers on your TUMBLR.

how to get more followers on tumblr
how to get more followers on Tumblr


Tip 1: Use Tags

One of the easiest ways to have your content found is using the correct Tags. In this way, your posts may appear on the TUMBLR home or for those who navigate through themes within the social media. – How to get more Tumblr followers


Hint 2: Original and fun content

TUMBLR is a very used channel for fun. Being funny and having good humor in your posts can help. However, avoid telling the same joke that hundreds of other Tumblr have already counted. Seek to be different and have your own content. Remember that on the site itself and in other social media such as Facebook, it is easy to see the same posting several times. – how to gain followers on Tumblr
The same goes for those who use TUMBLR as an exhibition and work tool. Showing what you know how to do is a good way to expose your differentials and consequently conquer more fans, followers and, who knows, customers.


Tip 3: Buttons

If you have a blog or site, you can insert Tumblr buttons as well in these channels. On the page itself you can create and get the code from various button templates. So you can insert them anywhere on the web, as well as on your TUMBLR. With this, you achieve more visibility for your content, attracting more followers.


Tip 4: Keep your Tumblr always up to date

Posting frequently is a way to get more accesses and reblogs in your content. In addition to caring about quality, you also worry about the periodicity of your publications. TUMBLR’s Tips page is full of shortcuts and tricks to perform email publications and even voice mail. Did you know that using the J or K keys is possible to navigate through the posts and using the “Shift + R” keys can reblog any posting in seconds?


Hint 5: Be Social

Interact, visit and comment on other Tumblr can also help you conquer more followers. Enable comments on your posts and answer everyone who asks questions. Visit Tumblr of areas similar to yours and interact with the authors.
There’s no formula for success. Produce differentiated content, interact and facilitate content propagation with the help of buttons. This way your TUMBLR can be shared with ease in several places. – how to get more followers on Tumblr.

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