How to Get More Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

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How to Get More Dwellers in Fallout Shelter – Dwellers are the key to making your vault a success in Fallout Shelter. The game will give you some to go down with but get more is up to you. Learn how to get more residents at Fallout Shelter here!

How to Get More Dwellers in Fallout Shelter
How to Get More Dwellers in Fallout Shelter


How To Get More Dwellers In Fallout Shelter

There are several different ways to get residents in a Fallout shelter.

From the Wasteland – this is how you get most of the early game villagers. The game will hook you up with about 10-12 of them right out of the baton and from there falls very quickly. I was able to get about 3 extra before my first baby was born. You can increase the chances of getting a vacant wasteland by building a radio room in your vault. If you update it, you’ll get an even greater probability. I’m not sure yet if the multiple building gets you more or not, I’m currently testing.

Babies, babies, babies! – This is the most reliable way to get your Vault population. Bring a male and female Dweller to the chambers and wait for the magic to happen. To accelerate this give them a kind of lovely outfit for them to cut each other faster. The baby will take about 4 hours to be born and on it to grow up to the usable Dweller. Remember that babies still take resources to prepare for this!

I like to have most of the woman in my pregnant vault at the same time for my population grows rapidly. This prevents women residents from taking care of disasters, however, so be careful with that. If you do, then you really need to make sure you have additional features.

Lunch boxes – my strongest villagers came from opening the lunchbox at random I have goals of way. At first, they may be the best to ship to the vacant lots for extra loot and caps. Later, although they are better used in the vault to increase productivity. You can take the armor of a rare inhabitant and put it in another person so they can explore the moor. I do not recommend buying lunchboxes, they are not necessary for progress in the game.

This is how to get more residents in Fallout Shelter, come back soon for more updates!