How to Get Talisman of God – Treasure of Nadia

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Treasure of Nadia is an adventure game for PC/Android aimed at an adult audience. It is the continuation of the Lust Epidemic. As players, we will have to help the protagonist follow in the footsteps of his recently deceased father, a famous treasure hunter.

It is a graphic quest inspired by Indiana Jones-like adventures with better graphics compared to the developers’ previous game and with a lower level of depravity.

How to Get Talisman of God - Treasure of Nadia

The action places Henry, the protagonist, in Cape Vedra, where he must follow the legacy of his treasure-hunting father, Idaho Johnson. During his adventure, he will meet women with whom he will have to ‘interact’ in different ways to unveil the town’s secret. You will investigate the library, the bar, the supermarket, and the jungle, among others. And the player will enjoy the graphics and quality animations added in the most private moments.

There are a few ways to get this rare item in the Treasure of Nadia game.

Talisman of God Guide

How and Where to Get

  • You can dig them up (though they are rare).
  • You can purchase them from the 3rd chest of 4 in the Casula Temple ($144,000).
  • After crafting the Golden Compass, you can pick them up from the blue pressure plates.
  • There is one in the Tomb in the Park at the top of the Mountain.
  • There are three vases in the Casula Temple that contain them.
  • After returning from one of the trips to Limbo, there are two blue pressure plates.
  • You get one from blowing up one of the rocks by the Fountain of Youth under the mansion.
  • Below the Fountain are two more pressure plates that give you two more.