How to go to Game Chat on PS5

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PS5 has certainly raised the bar for video games to a whole new level. There are several multiplayer games available on PS5 where communication with other players plays a key role in advancing the game.

That’s why PS5 offers multiple communication channels, such as Party Chat and Game Chat. If you’ve been playing on a PS5 for a while, you may already be familiar with these options and have even used them several times in your gaming sessions.

However, many gamers have found it difficult to switch from party chat to game chat on PlayStation 5 consoles, which is why we have listed the necessary steps to go to player chat on PS5 with ease. Follow the steps listed below to proceed:

  • Press the “PS” button on your controller to launch the navigation menu, followed by the “Game Base” option among the various options that appear. How to go to Game Chat on PS5
  • Now, to create a new game base, press the square button on your controller and specify whether you want to access the game page or create a party.
  • After creating a party on your PS5 console, just press the “X” on your controller to continue. How to go to Game Chat on PS5
  • A new interface will open with voice chat available in it. Here, you have to navigate to the top of the screen where the party name is located using the left joystick on your controller
  • Click on the “X” button while on the match name to display additional options and select the “Game Voice Chat” option to enable voice chat on your PlayStation 5. How to go to Game Chat on PS5

That’s pretty much all you have to do to navigate the game chat on your PlayStation 5. Now you can easily chat with your fellow gamers and interact while playing your favorite games to enjoy better team play.

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