How to Maintain and Last its Laptop Battery?

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How to maintain and last its laptop battery?

We’ve already heard a little bit about how to preserve his laptop battery. It’s time, from concrete cases, to give you real answers to last and save your laptop battery. It’s gone for the destruction of myths.

how to maintain laptop battery life

Do I have to respect the charge cycles and discharge of a laptop battery?

Not. This was true with the old nickel-cadmium batteries which required regular charging and discharge cycles, or even calibration, to keep them in good condition. The arrival of new batteries in the Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) has changed the data. It is no longer necessary to respect the load and discharge cycles.

Should the battery be completely emptied regularly?

Not. A complete discharge may cause the total capacity of a current battery to lose 20%. In addition, newer operating systems are made to stand idle when approaching the battery’s end of life so as not to let it completely unload. No panic, if you see your laptop shutting down for lack of battery, you are not going to lose 20% of its autonomy. The computer simply activates a kind of security to preserve the rest of the battery charge.

But how does this happen? A total discharge of the battery causes chemical degradation of the elements within the battery. Because of this, a recharge of the battery, after it has been emptied completely, is dangerous for the latter’s lifespan. This is why an internal circuit (a control board, integrated into the battery, which it still remains powered) can prevent recharging in order to avoid any incident. The consequences are that the battery becomes unusable. When your battery no longer gives any signs of life today, it is that the internal components are degraded, and therefore that the power supply is disabled so as not to damage your mobile phone, laptop, or even your car battery.


Do I need to remove the battery from the PC during extended use on the mains?

It’s your show. If you use your laptop only on the long term sector (several weeks, even several months) you can charge the battery between 40 and 60% of its total value, remove it (if possible), store it in a dry and cool place and with still at least 40%. Below, it may completely unload and be unusable the day you request it.
As we have seen, current batteries know how to adapt to your use, whether it is nomadic or sedentary. It’s probably pointless to want to remove it all the more because, in the case of a power outage, you could lose all your work in progress. Too bad when you have a laptop.

If you have to buy a new battery …

If in spite of our advice, your battery is dead, it is quite possible to buy a new one. Some tips are still needed if you opt for this choice:

Do not spend more than €100 on a battery. It’s still consumable.
Don’t buy the first battery you see on eBay at €10. There are low-end batteries, not working (long) not always adapting completely to the PC and which can constitute a real danger. Refer to the original battery model number.
Be sure to have your old battery recycled and not to throw it anywhere.
This article was written in collaboration with Thomas, an expert in the repair of laptop PC in the Lyon region, which we urge you to visit the Facebook page to discover lots of good shots.


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