How to Make Siri Say Anything

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How to Make Siri Say Anything – Everyone had fun trying to trap him by asking him some wacky questions. In addition to its playful appearance, Siri reveals an incomparable personal assistant in a number of situations.
Asking a question to the microphone takes less time than opening Safari and typing a query in Google. Asking to call a contact avoids getting lost in the Address Book. Not to mention the dictation of SMS or e-mail, a practice that should be encouraged with all car drivers … We can even go even further if we venture into lesser-known uses. Anyway, don’t hesitate, learn to master Siri. You will gain efficiency and productivity.

How to Make Siri Say Anything

Say, Siri


To activate the Voice Wizard, press the main button on the iPhone and leave your finger pressed until the message “What can I do for you?” with two beeps. If Siri misinterprets your silences, hold down the button while you speak. In iOS 7, an option allows you to automatically launch Siri when you approach the earphone (Settings, General, Siri, then “wear to the ear”). With iOS 8, it is possible to talk to the iPhone without pressing the button simply saying “Say, Siri”. To do this, open the settings, then general, and in the Siri section, enable “Allow Hey Siri”. The problem, this option only works if the iPhone is connected to its PSU … If you want to use Siri without your hands in the car, make sure to connect the phone to a cigarette lighter adapter.


The Art of Dictation


Don’t type your text messages, dictate them! Mention the text and the addressee in the same sentence: Tell Siri “send a text message to Benoit to tell him I’ll be late” or “Tell Elodie my mom’s coming to dinner tonight,” and the wizard will automatically compose. Confirm to send it. It is, of course, necessary that the contact is in your address book with his mobile number. When a text message arrives, tell Siri: “Read the last text message.” Once it’s finished reading, answer the voice: “Answer that I arrive in 10 minutes” or “answer that I am in traffic jams”.
The wording in one sentence also works to make a call. By pronouncing “Call Mary on her cell phone”, you will not ask Siri to ask you about your correspondent’s number. The same principle applies to e-mails. You can proceed in two times, by first formulating “send an email to Alain DuPont about our appointment” and then dictating the message when Siri invites you. On this subject, Siri knows how to identify punctuation. Say, for example, “as agreed, comma, we will meet tomorrow at the office, point,” and the corresponding characters are integrated into the message. You can also dictate an email at a single time. Tell Siri: “Send an e-mail to Alain DuPont with the subject date tomorrow, content: Tomorrow’s appointment is canceled and postponed until next Monday at 3 pm.”


A smart checklist


Any idea how to burn? Any information to remember? Activate Siri and just tell her “note that I have to invite Fred to my rack” or “note that the kids will be going on vacation from February 8th to 14th.” These memos will then be available in the Notes application. In the same way, you can schedule an appointment by telling Siri: “Add an appointment with the management on Wednesday at 9 a.m.” and to avoid scheduling by hand your waking hour, simply ask: “Wake Me Tomorrow at 7:30.”
Siri can also remind you of events on certain dates or be depending on the location. Try: “Remind me to pick up Quentin at the station at 6:30 p.m.” and an alert will sound at the time, accompanied by the message. Say, “Remind me to call Sarah when I get to the office” and your iPhone will signal you by locating the address of your office with its GPS. By the way, if you’re looking for a friend’s address, just ask Siri: “What’s Karine Martin’s address?” It also works with public places. Try “What is the address of the Palais de Elysium?” or “Where is the restaurant Les booksellers?” And your iPhone will guide you if you ask Siri “show me the way to go Chez Karine Martin” or “What is the road to go to the palace of the Élysée?”. Once on site, ask Siri to monitor the meter with the formula “starts a 2-hour countdown”. You will be warned when it is necessary to put a piece …


Customize and enhance Siri

Siri includes “Analysis” instead of Anne-Lise? Tap on the transcript of your application displayed on the screen and correct the misspelled word, and then validate. Not only will the answer be better adapted, but Siri will remember her mistake. And if it kills on the pronunciation of a name, you can ask him “learn to pronounce the name” followed by the name in question. Siri will then ask you to pronounce that name in your own way. For more complicated names or first names, open the contact card on your iphone and press edit, then click “Add Field” and choose “Phonetic name” or “phonetic noun”. Then write the name of the person as it is pronounced.
Finally, don’t forget to inform Siri about your family relationships. Tell her “Laura is my Daughter” or “Michel is my Husband”: This information will allow you to simplify calls and text messages by simply indicating to your iphone: “Call my daughter” or “tell my husband to buy bread”.

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