How to Recover a Faulty Flash Drive through MS-DOS

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Defects in the pen drive are quite common. One of the most frequent is not being able to open the drive by connecting it to the computer, even by viewing through the file manager. Fortunately this failure can be fixed through MS-DOS, which is an advantage as it does not require the installation of other programs and still works for any version of Windows.

It is worth mentioning that the procedure includes formatting the drive, so it should only be used if you do not intend to recover the stored files. If this is the case, follow the tips in the following tutorial and learn how to fix a faulty flash drive.

How to Recover a Faulty Flash Drive through MS-DOS


Step 1. Access the Windows Start menu and type ‘cmd’ in the text field. Right-click on the icon that appears in “Programs” and selects ‘Run as administrator’;

Step 2. Enter the command ‘diskpart’ and hit ‘enter’. Wait a few seconds until the ‘DISKPART>’ line appears;

Step 3. Enter the command ‘list disk’ and press the ‘enter’ key. A list of all the drives connected to the computer (in this example, the HD, and the pen drive) will be displayed;

Step 4. Now enter the command ‘select disk’ followed by the number that appears next to your pen drive in the list. In this tutorial, the complete command is ‘select disk 1’, because the pen drive was listed on disk 1 (1900 MB);

Step 5. The prompt will display a message that the disk has been selected, and then return to the ‘DISKPART>’ line. Then type ‘clean’ and give ‘enter’;

Step 6. Now insert the ‘create partition primary’ command and press ‘enter’ to create a partition on the pen drive;

Step 7. Type ‘format fs = fat32 quick’ and give ‘enter’. The command will do a quick formatting in your pen drive, using the file system FAT32;

Step 8. Type the ‘assign’ command and press the enter key. With it, you can change the drive letter associated with the pen drive in the future;

Step 9. To finish, type ‘exit’ to exit the ‘diskpart’;

Your flash drive is now fixed and can now be read from the PC again.