How to Remove or Replace Footnotes in Word

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How to remove footnotes in Word

How to remove footnotes in Word


You are working on a document in which footnotes have been inserted. You see a problem with the numbering of them. Indeed, some of these notes have unfortunately been numbered manually and others automatically. After attempting to repair this without success, you finally resolve to delete and reinsert them. Of course, it’s about deleting them in one operation and not one by one manually.


  1. Make a copy of the document in order to have the text of the footnotes (for a copy and paste at the end of the procedure)
  2. Move to the beginning of the original document
  3. Go to the Edit menu > Search advanced Search and replace
  4. In the Replace tab > search box > type ^ F
  5. Do not type anything in the Replace by box
  6. Click Replace All
  7. Then insert the notes correctly (Insert > Note)
  8. Copy and paste the text of the notes from the copy made at the beginning of the procedure