How to Resolve Error 0xc00007b

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Once you install a software, application, or game on Windows, then there are 2 possibilities that can happen:

  • First, the app or game runs normally.
  • Second, there can also be errors or crashes.

How to Resolve Error 0xc00007b

In the first scenario where the application runs normally, it means both the application and the system are equally compatible.

Furthermore, if instead of an error such as in the second possibility, it means something is wrong with the application or system.

Well, one of the most common problems related to the application installation process, is the appearance of the message “the application was unable to start correctly” (0xc000007b).

Cause error message 0xc00007b “Unable To Start Correctly”

The causes of the emergence of this “unable to start correctly” (0xc000007b) message vary. These include:

  • It could be because the application is broken.
  • You incorrectly installed the application version.
  • Or even the result of problems with the system.

How to Resolve Error 0xc00007b “Unable To Start Correctly”

Frankly, I used to find this message a lot. Usually, it happens after I finish installing the game, then it will run the game.

What about now?

Well, if now, I\’ve never found this problem again, that\’s it. Because, I always apply some tips, so it is always safe until now.

For those of you who are experiencing this issue, please try following these tips as well, yes. Who knows it\’s useful for you, too.

1. Install Microsoft Visual Credist

Microsoft Visual Credist (Visual C ) is one of the Windows system applications. The function is to provide resources for some applications, which do require this library component from Visual C .

For laptops and computers with few applications, without reinstalling this software is not a problem.

However, it\’s different if you like to install lots of apps or games. Then the application becomes mandatory for you to install.

Why is it mandatory? Among its objectives, to minimize the appearance of this 0xc00007b message, as well as the MSVCR.dll message is missing (and the like).

Please note, there are many versions of this Microsoft Visual C :
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  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2005 32 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2005 64 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2008 32 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2008 64 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2010 32 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2010 64 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2012 32 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2012 64 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2013 32 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2013 64 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2017 32 bit
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2017 64 bit

Please install everything. From the old version (2005) to the latest. Also install for both versions of Windows (32bit and 64bit), although your Windows is only on one version.

2. Install .NET Framework

The .NET Framework (otherwise called DotNET), is one of Windows\’s essential components that is unfortunately not provided by default. In other words, this program should be installed again manually.

The .NET Framework has a function similar to Visual C, which is to provide resources to applications, which do require it from this .NET Framework library.

For example, VGA drivers.

For the .NET Framework, you can simply install the latest version only. You can get it on Microsoft\’s official .NET Framework download page.

3. Reinstall Application

When you encounter this problem, you can also try reinstalling the app.

The tips:

  • When reinstalling the application, try to turn off the antivirus first (temporarily), and also turn off the internet connection.
  • After that, when it will be installed, make sure the installer is run through Run As Administrator, to minimize the possibility of errors.
  • For the rest, you can do the installation as usual.

Typically, in these ways, the 0xc00007b problem can be resolved.

Well, using the above 3 ways, until now I have never again experienced masslah 0xc00007b “unable to start correctly”.

Not only that, but I guarantee that other crashes can be solved in all six ways. Because basically, all of these ways are universal.

Are you still having problems 0xc00007b after applying the above three ways? Try asking again in the comments box below. I\’ll help you later.

Good luck.