How to Stop Buffering on Kodi Android Box

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How to Stop Buffering on Kodi Android Box – This article will provide step-by-step instructions in three different ways on how to stop the Kodi buffer.

If you have used Kodi for any period of time, you have noticed some buffer sequences like crazy. This article will relieve some of your pain and help you fix your Kodi buffer problems.

How to Stop Buffering on Kodi Android Box

There are three different types of streaming when using Kodi. You can stream media within Kodi from a computer connected to the local area network. Many people refer to a configuration like this as a home media server. It can also transmit content demand, such as TV shows and movies via Kodi Addons as the Exodus and the Magical Dragon. You can also stream live TV channels from Kodi Add-ons.

The techniques in this guide will help you with everything but live TV streams. Unfortunately, Kodi Live TV add-ons are hit and lose and the buffer that is found from these is due to the server overload on the respective addon part. The best bet to relieve the buffer with live TV addons is to buy a low-cost IPTV subscription service, like the Klub players.

In the following guide, you will cover three methods for fixing the Kodi buffer. I personally use the three methods in my Kodi boxes and rarely have problems with buffering when using the various add-ons.

The first method is a necessity on all Kodi systems if you plan to stream third-party add-ons that provide access to movies and TV shows. In this method, we created a file “Advanced Settings ” within Kodi. The tool allows us to allocate a portion of space to a special cache where the media files are downloaded before they are played. Normally, Kodi is playing the media as soon as it is downloaded, but this Tweak will download the video in advance and store it within the cache that is created.

Once you understand how important the first method is in relation to buffer problems, you will always buy Kodi devices with substantial RAM. I personally would never buy a device that does not come with at least 2 GB of RAM. My favorite streaming box is the Amazon Fire TV 3, due to its powerful specs and unbeatable price.

The second method is to set up an unrestricted unloader that will provide faster file sources for you to choose from within your various Kodi addons. The service I’m going to show you is the most popular and is called Realdebrid. Once you set this up and go to play a movie or TV show, you will be presented with a list of Realdebrid fonts for you to choose from which will provide better media playback.

The third method is to connect to a VPN service on your Kodi device, which will help Internet service providers accelerate the download speeds of video streams, such as those in Kodi. Legal action has been taken over the past two years in ISPs who have been caught doing this and there is no doubt that others are doing it too. A VPN also serves a great purpose in protecting your privacy by using Kodi and making it impossible for other organizations to view and record what you are viewing or downloading.

I suggest starting with the first method described below and proceeding through the other two steps if necessary.


Stop Kodi Buffering via VPN

Many Internet service providers accelerate download speeds for customers who use Kodi or other applications to transmit video.

By using a VPN, you’ll enjoy faster streaming as your Internet connection from your Kodi device will be routed through a different server. By doing this, you are creating an encrypted Internet connection, making it impossible for your ISP to know what you are transmitting.

A VPN application is also useful due to the fact that your Internet service provider can now sell your data and traffic logs to 3 parts. Using a VPN prevents them from seeing what streams or Kodi addons they are accessing.

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