How to Take Screenshots in Sony Vaio Laptop

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You can take screenshots in SONY VAIO as well as any laptop or desktop easily just press Print Screen Button on keyboard. You just tap the Print Screen Button which you need to take a Screenshot and then paste it on Paint or Powerpoint then save it as a .jpg or .bmp or any image format you want. It’s very easy.

How to Take Screenshots in Sony Vaio Laptop

The second method is if you use windows OS, then there are option snipping tools. Use of these tools you can get a screenshot of the total screen or partial screen or custom screenshot.

Computer brand or even type does NOT matter.

It\’s all about what operating system you are using. Which is your case is Windows? So the easiest way to screenshot is to use the built-in application called Snipping Tool

Go to All Program > Accessories >Snipping Tools now from Dropdown beside new chose your best option and take a screenshot.

You can also use any third-party applications like Camtasia or Bandicam which are screen recorder applications that provide you a screenshot option as well.