How to Tame Megachelon in ARK Survival Evolved

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The Megachelon is a large, heavily armored sea creature that can be found in the oceans of ARK: Survival Evolved. It is not a naturally spawning creature, but must be summoned using a special Megachelon Platform Saddle. When ridden, the Megachelon can act as a mobile base, allowing players to build structures on its back and travel across the ocean while remaining safe from underwater threats. The Megachelon also has a powerful AoE attack that can damage multiple foes at once, making it an effective combat mount as well.

How to Find Megachelon in ARK Survival Evolved

However, If you are looking for Megachelon in a game, here are some general tips that might help:

  1. Check the game’s wiki or official guide for information on Megachelon’s location.
  2. Try exploring coastal or beach areas, as Megachelon is often found near or in water.
  3. Look for clues or landmarks that may lead you to Megachelon’s location.
  4. Ask other players or game forums for advice on finding Megachelon.
  5. Consider using game cheats or mods, if permitted to make Megachelon easier to locate.

How to Tame Megachelon in ARK Survival Evolved

How to Tame Megachelon in ARK Survival Evolved

However, according to Ark’s game guide, taming a Megachelon in Ark: Survival Evolved can be achieved through passive taming, which involves feeding them a certain type of food. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Find a Megachelon and approach it slowly to avoid aggroing it.
  2. Have a stack of 20 nearby, and stand next to the Megachelon.
  3. Wait for the stack of 20 to split into its individual items, then feed the Megachelon one of these items by pressing the use key (default ‘E’).
  4. The Megachelon will eat the food and gain some taming affinity. Wait for it to consume the food completely and approach again to repeat the same process until you have reached the required taming affinity.
  5. Keep in mind that the Megachelon is a slow eater and tames slowly, so it might take a while to reach the required taming affinity.
  6. Once you have successfully tamed it, you can ride it, use it to craft special items,”