How to Test Computer RAM

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Learn how to test your computer’s memories and look for possible problems that are damaging your system.

Problems with memories are one of the most common on all computers, when this occurs it is always good to stay tuned.

When a RAM is faulty, it leaves the whole system unstable, constant shutdowns or reboots for no reason are symptoms that indicate that your computer may be faulty in RAM.

But if this is the case, a simple test can indicate whether or not the component will need to be replaced.

Testing the RAM

How to Test Computer RAM
How to Test Computer RAM

The easiest way to test RAM is through memtest86 + software written to a CD, in this case just download the ISO image and burn to a media, it is only necessary to restart the computer and boot the created CD.

Some users do not have a CD player, so they should turn to the USB flash drive for testing.

After preparing the media you will use, reboot your computer and boot it from USB or CD, the process is automated and will start automatically.

The test can take a few minutes, just be aware of the red lines that will indicate that the memory is in error.


Memory defective

How to Test Computer RAM

If your computer has more than one memory comb, you will need to identify which comb has a problem.

  • Remove all memory media from your computer.
  • Insert only one and perform the test.
  • Write down the results and repeat the process with a different memory comb.
  • Discard faulty combs and replace with new combs.

It is important to remember that the replacement combs must be compatible in the same way as the previous ones.