How to Use a Noise Canceling Headset

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Noise-canceling headphones were born to “save” some people who live in noisy environments, work with audio and video editing or, simply, who are looking to relax more while listening to music in their daily lives. The most popular types of headphones in this segment feature either active or passive isolation. In addition to the structure, they also differ in terms of price.

How to Use a Noise Canceling Headset

How a Noise Canceling Headset Works

The main characteristic of these headphones is, precisely, what the name says: they block external noise to allow the audio, reproduced internally, to reach the ears with as little interference as possible. It’s worth noting that these headphones do block most ambient sounds (varying in accuracy, depending on the model), but not 100%.

Continuous, more consistent noises, such as fans, motors, etc., are easier to isolate than more abrupt sounds, such as screams, a loud knock, or someone talking directly to you.

For the domestic consumption of this type of accessory, it can be said that noise cancellers (especially active ones) usually fulfill the role they promise well. Regarding market availability, they can be found both in over-ear models , in the shape of shells that cover the entire ear, and in-ear , the already known in-ear models .

To explain more didactically how they work, let’s divide them between the two most commonly marketed types:

  • Active Noise Canceling Headphones
  • Headphones with passive noise cancellation

When you’re listening to music on planes or other crowded, noisy places it’s often difficult to hear your music because of the noise. Regular headsets allow background noise to infiltrate, so you hear the plane engine and other noises. Called “white noise” this is more low-frequency vibrations and a noise-canceling headset works by reducing low-frequency sounds. You only hear sound reproduction in your headset.

How to Use a Noise Canceling Headset

How to Use a Noise Canceling Headset


  1. Choose the type of noise-canceling headset you want to use. The basic types are over the head, over the headphones, and earphones.
  2. Use your noise-canceling headset to listen to music from your iPod or MP3 player. This is great for long train journeys or international air travel.
  3. receive phone calls with your noise-canceling headset. When calls come in the voice is clear and you don’t hear any background noise. No more asking your caller to repeat himself, you can hear him clearly for the first time.
  4. Watch movies on your portable DVD and hear the sound clearly with your noise-canceling headset. You won’t miss a beat of the action when it comes loud and clear in your headphones.
  5. Put your noise canceling headset on just for some quiet time. If you want to block out all background noise use the headphone but don’t plug it into anything. This is ideal for taking a nap on a train or plane.