IBM MaaS360 Review

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IBM MaaS360 Review [y] – IBM MaaS360 is a mobile device management software provided by a world leader in computer technology. The solution allows the management and security of all the devices in a company, as well as the applications and content embedded in it.

With device management out of the box, MAAS360 gives you the ability to program personal property devices to enable them to work. In this way, employees can use the technologies that are familiar and comfortable without taxing your resources.

IBM MaaS360 Review

In addition, MAAS360 has a secure container that contains all the company files that are independent of the rest of the appliance’s applications. This way, employees can work safely without compromising data security and devices. This also simplifies your management because you only need to monitor the container application and not the entire appliance.

Here are some of the benefits commonly associated with using IBM MaaS360:


Effortless Device Management

MAAS360 provides hassle-free device management in a company’s IT department. With the software, all devices can be monitored from a local and remotely supervised by the air. And because of this MDM, small and large companies can support BYOD, allowing their employees to work on any Device they want. This increases your productivity as you are able to perform tasks on devices that you are more familiar with without compromising security.


Rapid Application Deployment

With MaaS360, companies can manage applications by using an interactive catalog. Through it, they can encourage the use of selected applications, the dose among users, and update them when needed.

In addition, the solution container application ensures that business data is encrypted and kept separate from other applications. This way, it manages only the contents of this folder without affecting the privacy of an employee. This saves valuable resources and also builds trust between employees and the IT department.


Secure Content Collaboration

MAAS360 provides employees with a work collaboration platform that contains all the documents relevant to the job. In it, they are able to easily edit documents while maintaining their pre-existing format.

Although MaaS360 provides users with this capability, companies can be sure that this does not compromise the data. The solution enables controls with respect to this feature to be configured so that employees can perform only tasks within the scope of their authorization.

In addition, MaaS360 also links to the calendar of a device. In this way, colleagues can create meetings and even chat with them in real time. This increases employee productivity and allows them to collaborate easily with each other.


MDM Secure Solution

With MaaS360, companies do not need to worry about their data being compromised. The software has a safe container separate from other device applications that employees can use when doing their job. It also comes with a threat detector that immediately alerts you in case of malware or device infiltration.


User Satisfaction

We realize that when you make the decision to buy IT management software It is important not only to see how the experts evaluate it in your reviews but also to find out if the real people and the companies that buy it are really satisfied with the Product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based customer satisfaction algorithm that gathers customer feedback, comments, and reviews from IBM MaaS360 on a wide variety of social networking sites. The data is presented in an easy-to-digest way that shows how many people hada positive and negative experience with IBM MaaS360. With this information at hand, you must be equipped to make an informed purchase decision that you will not regret.