How to Logout of Messenger on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

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How to Logout of Messenger – Closing the session on Facebook Messenger applications for mobile is not an obvious task for most people. In the case of Android, the app does not have a button dedicated to logging out. The hint, then, is to erase the app data, forcing Messenger to restore the application’s initial settings. In Windows Phone, the only way to do this is by reinstalling Messenger. On the iPhone ( iOS ), the process is a bit simpler.


How to Logout of Messenger on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

How to Logout of Messenger

Check out the tips and learn how to log out of a Facebook Messenger for iPhone account, Android phones, and Windows Phone.



Step 1. Open Facebook Messenger and tap Settings in the lower right corner of the screen. Then touch “Switch accounts”

Step 2. Finally, tap “Exit” to confirm. To sign in to another account, touch “Switch account”.



Step 1. Open the Android settings and tap “Applications”.

Step 2. Locate the “Messenger” application in the list and tap on it. Then touch “Clear Data”.

Step 3. Finally, touch “OK” to confirm. Now open the Facebook Messenger application and touch “Switch accounts.”


Windows Phone

Step 1. First, you must uninstall the Messenger application. To do this, open the list of apps installed on your phone, locate Messenger and hold your finger on it. In the menu that appears, touch “Uninstall” and “Yes” to confirm.

Step 2. Finally, open the Windows Phone application store and reinstall the Messenger application. Now when you open it, you will be disconnected and have the option to access another account.


With these tips, you can log out of your account in the Facebook chat application.