How to make a Saddle in Minecraft

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How to make a Saddle in Minecraft – Minecraft introduced horses to the game recently, but for a long time, it already had saddles, used to mount also on pigs. One of the biggest doubts of users is how to make saddles using their Crafting skills, however, the answer is the disappointing fact that this is not possible. Check out the only ways to get saddles in Minecraft.

How to make a Saddle in Minecraft
Since the early days of Minecraft it is possible to use saddles to mount on pigs


Method 1: Hidden Treasures

Saddles are natural items from treasure chests, same-to-usual chests that stay in random Minecraft locations and have rare items in them, including saddles. It is possible to find chests in virtually every structure generated by the game, which includes abandoned mines, dungeons, Nether fortresses, desert temples, forest temples and even villages within the city’s blacksmith’s house.


Method 2: Trade

Another way to get saddles in Minecraft is by buying them from villagers in exchange for Esmeraldas. You can get Esmeraldas by mining underground or trading for items with other inhabitants. To recognize a villager who can sell saddles, look for one wearing a nearly all-brown outfit, but with a white apron on the front, indicating that that person works with leather or flesh.


Method 3: Fishery

This method for the moment is exclusive to the PC version since the video games are still with the basic version of the Minecraft fishery. In the most up-to-date versions of the game, during a fishery, you have a 5% chance of finding some kind of treasure, rather than fish or even junk. Among these treasures are enchanted books, other fishing rods, and even saddles. This method is very useful when you have just found horses and can not get a saddle in the other two ways.