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How Many Chapters in Uncharted 4 – The longevity of the games remains a crucial factor for many when buying, because an investment of 69.99 euros, the normal price of games in Portugal, is still considerable for some.

Uncharted 4 being one of the most anticipated games of the year, many may wonder how many hours are needed to reach the end of the story. In our first time in moderate difficulty, precisely linger 14 hours and 9 minutes. We died a few times, but not many.

How Many Chapters in Uncharted 4
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How Many Chapters in Uncharted 4

After finishing the story, composed of 22 chapters, I can repeat it again at a higher difficulty and if they like a collectible, to find all the treasures, which are over a hundred.

Beyond the story, have online multiplayer modes where you can level up to unlock new weapons and earn points to buy skins packages for the characters.

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